Attention Bengals Front Office: Did Someone Go on Vacation?

Bengals fan are seen utilizing the first amendment above.

Bengals fans are seen utilizing the first amendment above.


The Browns realize they have tons of cap space, and are using it. Heck, the Pittsburgh Steelers have practically no money to spend at all, and are somehow having a more productive off-season than the Cincinnati Bengals.

I’ve been a diehard Bengals fan all my life, but this is frankly just upsetting.

Cincinnati’s ownership could potentially have picked anyone on the market that they liked and grabbed them, as they possess the ability to outbid any other team.

Cincinnati news…“Bengals showing interest in Steven Jackson.” That’s great. Mike Brown, I appreciate that you’re showing interest. Really, I do. However, while the Bengals were “showing interest,” the Atlanta Falcons were actually getting him to put pen to paper for his 2013 contract.

That’s a team that had to cut Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Dunta Robinson to save money.

We talked to Mike Goodson, and Matt Spaeth visited Cincinnati recently. Both have now officially been signed by other teams.

Bengals backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, Manny Lawson, Pat Sims, Josh Brown, and Dan Skuta have all either been signed with other teams around the league, or are close to deals. None of those potential deals are with Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, day four of Free Agency brings no new information about recent Bengals activity. Of course, that’s because there’s nothing to report. Really, I’d like to be writing this article about a new signing to bolster our offense and help Andy Dalton with his protection. I’d like to be writing about the Bengals closing in on a deal with a running back. I would love to be writing about anything related to something exciting with the Bengals.

Sadly, all I can tell fellow Bengals fans is that apparently Ted Ginn Jr.’s visit to Cincinnati went well enough for he and the Bengals to start talking.

Talking. Again, that’s great. Ever heard of the saying, “A contract is worth a thousand words?” No? That’s because I made it up. But it’s something that someone ought to mention to Mike Brown. I could be mistaken, but I do believe he may have forgotten he’s supposed to be running an NFL team.

We have money. We have a lot of money. We need to use it.



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  1. Yup actions speak louder than words and there has been virtually no action. Been some good power RB’s but in true Mike Brown fashion he keeos his bucks.

  2. Wish he’d go after a GM like Polian(Colts formerly) and let him run the team but once again he’s CHEAP and thinks he knows best like his father. Mike needs to stay in the background and just sign the checks.

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