Miami Heat: Heat Extend Streak to 23 Games With Comeback Win over Boston


Down 17 points in the second quarter. Down 13 points with just 8 minutes in the game. And somehow, some way, the Miami Heat found a way, just as they have done for 23 straight games now.

23 games in a row. That’s now the second longest winning streak in NBA history.

Helping them to the win tonight was the Heat’s star LeBron James, who went 16-29 for 37 points. He also grabbed twelve assists and seven rebounds in Miami’s 105-103 comeback win over the Boston Celtics.

Despite the fairly high scoring affair between the two rivals, it was the Heat’s defense that ultimately won them the game, especially in the waning minutes.

Jeff Green of the Celtics had a career high 43 points, going 14-21 shooting. However, it will likely be a game to forget after his team surrendered two large leads in front of the Boston crowd.

So what’s next?

The Heat will try for 24 against Cleveland on Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. EDT. But with tonight’s win, it’s hard to imagine many teams having a chance at stopping the rolling Miami Heat as they fight for the magic number 33.

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