Saying Goodbye to Revis Island: Jets Made the Right Move


Florham Park- I sat up in section 122 for years, hoping we would land a shut-down cornerback. The years of watching opposing receivers tear apart our secondary were tough. Revis was a dream come true when he became a part of the Jets organization. He is a true student of the game and there isn’t anyone better at his position. Put in a Revis tape and a young player can learn the position of cornerback.

The truth is that Revis is going to be known for his holdouts, despite being one of the best on the field. He will not be remembered as a team player, as a true leader is both on and off the field. Revis did himself a disservice with the contract talks: his rookie season holdout was poor management, and his second holdout should have had middle ground agreement, which would have allowed Revis to focus on being the team leader.

A franchise tag for a cornerback is normally 10.8 million per year, but Revis wanted 16 million a year. That’s over 50% more than top pay, and is asking for the Jets to take away from his teammates. If the star had asked for a reasonable salary, a deal with New York wouldn’t have  been a second thought.

It’s clear that Revis’ prosed pay raise would hurt this franchise for future players, so New York had no choice but to trade him. Our new GM’s hands were essentially tied; the fact is that Revis took shots at the Jets and their poor business smarts.

In reality, the Jets received the best compensation they could  get. A first round draft pick and either a third or fourth rounder next year.

Revis got lucky. Out of 32 teams, only one dream was willing to pay him 16 million a year. as he was asking for a selfish contract on a team sport. Based on the small market of interest, the Jets did exceptionally well.

The NFL only had four players who made over 16 million a year in 2012, and they were all quarterbacks. In a cap-driven league, it’s crazy to pay a cornerback 16 million a year.

The irony is that Revis held out for years with the Jets; he wanted guaranteed money back then. His new contract has no guarantee money, as he got a 16 million-a-year deal with pay as you go. Tampa Bay can release him when he loses a step.

He could have signed a 12 million-a-year contract with guaranteed money from the Jets. If Revis gets released in one or two seasons he actually loses money. A super star with a pre paid contract: this is what selfish gets you in 2013.

These are the facts on the Revis trade. Some of New York’s media is trying to say the Jets needed to get value for Revis’ draft pick. However, these are the same media outlets that say Revis will be too slow after his injury.

In truth, the Jets need to build a team from the ground up.

The Jets replaced Revis with their No. 9 pick in the first round. They also secured a player with their No. 13 pick that creates a pass rush and will certainly provide a boost for the secondary in 2013.









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