Are the Indiana Pacers Being Dangerously Overlooked?



The Indiana Pacers are being overlooked, but are quietly putting together a good playoff run. Most of the sports media has given the Miami Heat the 2013 Championship already. Indeed, the Heat are stacked, but can we please let the games play first themselves out? In last year’s playoffs, the Pacers had the Heat on the ropes down 2-1, and Indiana had a great chance to go up 3-1. The Heat was able to come back and tie the series, but they needed a monster 4th quarter to do so.

The New York media and ESPN’s Stephan A. Smith had the Knicks going to the Eastern Conference Finals playing the Heat.

The Pacers finished as the No. 3 seed behind New York and Miami. In Round 2 the Pacers out-muscled New York and won the series in 6 games. Now in the series against the Heat, they just split the first two games in Miami following a great Game 2. Had the Heat’s Lebron James not hit a final seconds layup in Game 1, the Pacers could be heading home up 2-0 against the fan favorites.

The Pacers’ center, Roy Hibbert, is playing lights out, and has stepped up his game in the playoffs. He showed up in Game 2 with 29 points and 10 rebounds.

The Big man helped his team win 97-93, as David West sealed the game by breaking up a Lebron James pass in the final seconds.

Paul George scored 22 points and had a great dunk over Chris Anderson. George Hill added his own 18 points, and the Pacers finished the game on a 13-5 run. They also led the game most of the way on Miami’s home court.

The Heat’s big 3: Lebron James had 36 points, Chris Bosh had 17 points, and Dwyane Wade had 14 points.

Alos an important question top consider: Will Dwyane Wade be available for game 3?

The NBA is reviewing an elbow Wade gave to Lance Stephenson last game. Wade was running and apparently jumped up to hit Stephenson in the head. Keep in mind that NBA vice president, Stu Jackson, suspended New York Knicks’ JR Smith for an elbow in round one for one game. Another play the NBA may review is a hit Pacers David West delivered on the Miami Heats’ Mario Chalmers.

Special Note: The NBA suspended Wade early in the season for a hit on Bobcats’ Ramon Sessisons.

If the NBA does decide to suspend Wade for Game 3, which is certainly a possibility, the series could take an important turn in Indiana. As always, the middle of the series is crucial, and a Pacers win may shift some fan and pundit favoritism in the series.



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