Melo Shouldered the Knicks Through the Playoffs

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks


Carmelo Anthony had his best season in the NBA this year. He has grown into a true leader,  willing himself through the playoffs with a bum shoulder. The media used Anthony as a lightening rod, judging him as a player who doesn’t play defense and is a ball hog.

The fact is, Anthony has made the playoffs with every team he has been on in the NBA. His defensive mark is actually not correct. He may have had poor defense in his early years, but the eyeball test tells you that this is not the case this past season. After losing 15 pounds, his play on defense has improved.

Anthony is not a ball hog either.

Coach Woodson calls the plays for Anthony. In the Pacers round two matchup, he could be heard yelling ‘get the ball to “Melo.”‘

Amare Stoudemire was hampered with injuries this year, and JR Smith was a band-aid to be his second option. If Anthony only shoots 16 shots, the media says he needs to be more of a superstar shooter. However, If he shoots in the 30’s, he a ball hog according to the media. Again following the eye test, we see that in the playoffs, Anthony allowed his team to take shots. It became a problem when they weren’t hitting them.

Anthony as a leader: He protects his teammates; he never said he was doing it all alone. Anthony said they will get back to playing at a high level, and that they will work hard in the offseason just like last year. The Knicks went from a No. 7 seed to a No. 2 seed based largely off of Anthony’s leadership.

Anthony suffered a small left shoulder tear late in the regular season. The Knicks are hopeful that no surgery is needed, but Anthony will rest three to four weeks to allow the shoulder to recover. New York will then give him an MRI after that recovery time.

Anthony is leading the Knicks not only in games, but by playing through pain.

Judging a player and labeling is one thing. It’s a crime when the media can’t see improvement and progress.





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