NBA Playoffs: Debating Carmelo’s Struggles in the Big Games



Carmelo Anthony is a top 5 player in the NBA, depending on how you rank players. The media likes to compare players to each other too many times. Anthony is not LeBron James, no matter how many times you try to find similarities and differences; he is his own style player. Anthony is a NCAA champion and an All Star NBA player. Unfortunately, the Label Anthony gets is that he can’t get out of the first round of the playoffs.

Anthony’s New York Knicks 2013 team was probably his best team. He has gotten in the playoffs every year he has been in the NBA.

Anthony started off in Denver from 2004-2010, and got to the playoffs six years straight. He made it to the Western Conference finals in 2009, but the rest resulted in first round exits. George Karl, the Nuggets head coach, has not made it out of the first round outside of that year with Anthony.

Anthony has had three years with the Knicks and thus, a three-year playoff run. During the 2011 playoffs, injuries played a large factor. He averaged 26 points in that series loss to the Celtics in round one. The 2012 playoff run ended in the first round to Miami Heat, after the Knicks lost all of their point guards to injury during the series. Anthony had to carry the load of bringing up the ball, tthough he still averaged 27 points. This year, Anthony got the Knicks to the second round and averaged 28 points before New York’s playoff exit.

This certainly doesn’t sound like a player who struggles; it sounds like he carried the load and needs help. Anthony’s playoff average is 25 points per game.

Here are some examples of players who missed the playoffs at points in their career.

Kevin Durant missed the playoffs his first two seasons. He came into the 2008 season and didn’t make the playoffs till 2010, when Russell Westbrook and Durant got their chemistry together. The experts usually rank Durant over Anthony, yet Durant couldn’t make the playoffs without Westbrook.

Kevin Garrett missed the playoffs for three years while with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Garrett is known as a stud in the playoffs, but it took him till being traded to Boston for that.

Dirk Nowitzki didn’t make the playoffs his first two seasons. Dallas put some key role players around Nowitzki, and he is now known as a solid player in the playoffs.

Paul Pierce missed the playoffs his first three seasons. Pierce is known for his clutch shot, but he too needed help to get to the playoffs.

Carmelo Anthony didn’t miss the playoffs with his teams. All the players above have excellent reputations in the playoffs, yet it took help for each of them to become successful after the regular season.

Anthony has done his part in the playoffs. At this point, he needs a little help, just like most players.


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