Red Wings: There’s Always Next Year

Poetry meets sports writing meets hockey? What the heck.

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There’s Always Next Year


After the lockout limited training time,

Many players entered far from their prime.

Injuries forced the teams to a few losing skids.

Especially when they had to put in the young kids.

Still, the team finished with an impressive 24 wins.

The 16 losses couldn’t take away the collective grin.

In the playoffs, the Wings first faced the Ducks.

They played offense, defense and controlled the puck.

Anaheim fell in seven as the No. 2 seed.

Despite being No. 7, Detroit wouldn’t concede.

On to the Blackhawks, whose record was the best.

The young Red Wings would be put to the test.

Jumping to a quick 3-1 lead, the fans went insane.

One more win and the Hawks would be slain.

But Chicago came to life, much to Detroit’s dismay.

Two wins later, fans of both teams began to pray.

The game went into overtime, tied at 1-1.

The Hawks scored, and Detroit was done.

For fans of the Red Wings, the pain still lingers.

They let the series slip through their fingers.

But for Detroit, it certainly isn’t all bad.

There’s no use thinking about what you could have had.

After all, a win would have sent them against the Kings.

And in LA, they would have destroyed the Red Wings.

So, at least you escaped a lot more tears.

And plus, you know, there’s always next year!


Dedicated to my beloved Uncle. May his Red Wings rest in peace this long, hard, off-season.



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