Spurs Win the West with Sweep of Memphis

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Tony Parker closed the Grizzlies out like a champion; he scored 37 points, and San Antonio won in 4 games over the Grizzlies, ended by their 93-86 victory in Memphis. The big three of the Spurs are seasoned and back in the finals once again. Furthermore, the team looks healthy, and will only get time to become healthier by waiting for the east.

It was simple. The veteran Spurs team came in to the West Conference Finals hitting 51% of their shots. The Grizzlies just couldn’t overcome the Spurs’ hot shooting.

Tim Duncan and Coach Popovich are going for their 5th ring. In the finals, they are 4-0 together. The duo was champions 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007. The quest in 2013 was to seal Tim Duncan’s career with a championship, and they’ve certainly put themselves in a position to do just that. The Spurs are focused on winning it all, and the track record says they will.

In Game 6, San Antonio was led by Tony Parker playing like an All Star.

Parker and Duncan took turns making buckets before Parker got hit in the eye by Gasol’s outstretched hand after missing a shot. When Parker returned with 4:43 left, Gasol went over to him and Parker told him he was fine. Parker then hit a jumper with 4:13 remaining for an 89-81 lead.

Where was the Grizzlies’ fight? Mike Conley, especially for getting a lot praise, came up small on the points end. Zack Randoph was defended well and not a large factor in the series. Quincy Pondexter gave a spark off the bench and led the Grizzlies with 22 points.

So credit the Spurs, but the Grizzlies showed little pride in a close-out game.

The Starters Matchup in Game 4-

Point Guard

Spurs Parker- 15-21, 37 points vs. Grizzlies- Conley 4-13, 9 points

Small Forward

Spurs- Leonard 5-7, 11 points vs. Grizzlies- Prince 3-8, 8 points

Power Forward

Spurs- Duncan 7-15, 15 points vs. Grizzlies- Randolph 4-13, 13 points


Spurs- Splitter 4-8, 9 points vs. Grizzlies- Gasol 5-12, 14 points

Shooting Guard

Spurs- Green (listed as a Small Forward) 2-6, 5 points vs. Grizzlies Allen 2-9, 4 points

Parting Question

Did the Rudy Gay trade affect the Grizzlies’ post-season exit?




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