Jets Training Camp Notebook: Smith Climbing the Chart, and Edwards Comes In


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July 24, 2013

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg:

Mornhinweg addressed the growth of Geno Smith and his possibility of starting. Smith’s chance at starting is depending on how fast he picks up the playbook. There have been reports that Smith feels he has a solid shot at winning the quarterback job. The offensive coordinator Mornhinweg seems to agree with Smith on that.

According to New York Daily News, Mornhinweg said, “Geno is an excellent athlete.  He’s really progressed at a high level.  He’s done this fast and it’s because he put in the hard work both on and off the field in preparation.  He’s done an outstanding job that way.  I know he’s got the mentality of if he can help the team in any way, he’ll do it.” Mornhinweg added that Smith is “way ahead of the pace of a normal rookie,” and that Smith has the skills to get away with some mechanical flaws.”

“They’re just so good athletically that they get away with them for a period of time and then they get better and better and better and better,” Mornhinweg said of players like Smith.

“I think Geno’s close,” Mornhinweg said.  ”I don’t think he’s there yet.  But he’s close to being able to get into a game and function at a high level.  So our whole challenge — and his challenge — is that first preseason game [against the Lions on Aug. 9].  Now let’s get to a point where you can function at a high level.”
Head Coach Rex Ryan:
Rex Ryan believes he can will the Jets to a turnaround. The man of many words is not afraid to state his goals to the media. The past two years have been rough for the Jets and have hurt the success Ryan’s team had during his first two years as coach.
The media thinks Ryan is a lame-duck coach this year. He’s on the last year of his contract, but Ryan has confidence and doesn’t seem to be worried about his contract. The Jets are in the rebuilding process and got a new quarterback in the draft. Teams don’t draft quarterbacks and change coaches. Head Coaches are links to quarterbacks that get drafted during their era.
General manager John Idzik drafting Geno Smith sent a message to Ryan.  Smith is Idzik’s player; Idzik made the call on the draft; Ryan will have to play Smith and remove his loyalty to Sanchez. The simple fact is that Ryan has to choose a quarterback, which tells me he’s not such a lame-duck coach as some may think.
Look at what Ryan told ESPN’s Rich Cimini:
Rex on whether he’s looking for assurances from ownership:
“No, I don’t need anything.What I’m going to do is, I get to prove it.”
Rex Ryan says his competitive juices are:
“Boiling, absolutely boiling. It’s to the point where it’s like, ‘OK, I’ll show you.'” 
Braylon Edwards:
Braylon Edwards is at that Jets’ complex taking physicals today and is about to resign with the Jets. Edwards gives the Jets some much-needed depth and experience, not to mention a red zone target. Edwards is showing pure excitement to be a Jet. Anyone with that much pride playing for a team should get a contract, in my opinion. Tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. leaked out Edwards’ news on twitter, tweeting out #BraylonIsBack.
General Manager John Idzik always liked Edwards; it was Seattle Seahawks front office’ John Schneider who cut him from Seattle. Edwards should have received a new contract at end of last season, as he was the best receiver on the Jets at the end of last year. If he can stay healthy, he fills some of the need at wide receiver.
Edwards and Holmes were nicknamed the Jets Flight Boys, after the big playoff win over New England on the road. Edwards’ height helped Sanchez in completing passes and in going to two AFC Championship games. Of course, he probably isn’t going to return to the level of 2010, when he averaged 17.1 yards per catch and seven touchdowns as an effective deep threat.
Edwards can be a number No. 1 wide receiver until Holmes comes back. In fact, maybe the whole season. Holmes is better suited as a No. 2 wide receiver anyway. Stephan Hill and Jeremy Kerley are developing stage of their career.Edwards  is a better option for 2013 roster.
What can we expect from the Jets wide receiver with Edwards. Hill can learn from him and improve his game by holding onto the ball. With Edwards and Hill on the outside, Jeremy Kerley in the slot position, and when Holmes gets healthy, the Jets will be looking pretty good at the receiver position. Not ideal, but certainly an improvement. 
Hoping the end games look like this: Edwards as our number one, Kerley as two. Late in the game, throw to streaking Hill for touchdown!
I like the sound of it already.
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