Geno’s Arm, Stout Defensive Effort Lead Jets over Bills


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The New York Jets won over Buffalo Bills 27-20 on Sunday. The Jets may be the best team in New York after this victory. The New York Giants went down 38-0 and are 0-3 on the season. The team nobody gives a chance looks like New York best. This group of young players of the Jets are fighting for each game.

The Jets’ mistakes allowed the Bills stay in the game.The Jets owned the time of possession and tallied up the most yards. Turnovers and 20 penalties on the Jets kept the Bills hanging around till the last drive.

The Jets now lead the NFL with 11.3 penalties and 93.0 penalty yards per game. Rex Ryan made the whole organization from top to bottom do push-ups in effort to correct the penalties. 10 push-ups for every penalty in practice. The practice push-ups will extend to not just players, but coaches, staff members, and the front office. According to New York Post’s Brian Costello, Ryan said, “I challenge the entire organization to get behind it,” Ryan said. “I’m not saying our fans need to do the push-ups and all that. I’m not saying it, but if our fans want to get in there and help us, how much pressure is that? You’ve got your fans doing push-ups, too.” Cornerback Kyle Wilson was the biggest offender with five flags Sunday and just plays out of control.Offense guard Vlad Ducasse had another four. Both players are borderline bust players as far draft status. It might be time to bench them and move forward.

Chris Ivory Leaves with Injury:  RB Chris Ivory has reinjured his left hamstring. The Jets expect it will be at least a few weeks before you see Ivory again.



BILLS                     JETS

First Downs                                         18                          20

RED-ZONE EFFICIENCY                      0%                        50%

3RD-DOWN EFFICIENCY                    22%                       36%

RUSHING YARDS                             120                          182

NET YARDS PASSING                      208                          331

PENALTIES-YARDS                          7-87                         20-168 Total Yards                                                                               328                          513

Special Teams

The Bills kicked 4 field goals, which is not going to get it done on the road.

Jets punter Ryan Quigley’s final punt help seal the game. There was 30 seconds left in the game and Quigley punted a 40-yarder that pinned the Bills at their own 1 yard line. The bills only shot at tying the game would be to drive 99 yards in 29 seconds.

Kickoff returns is a thing of the past. Since the ball is moved up, the kickoffs are far more likely to be touchbacks. The coverage is moved up as well and Jets return man Clyde Gates proved that on Sunday. Gates returned two kickoffs near the 15 yard line instead of taking a touchback.

Jets Defense:

The defense was solid against the run and pass against the Bills. They stuffed the run all game, save for one long run from Bills RB Fred Jackson. In total, they gave up 120 yards on the ground. On Jackson’s play, he gained 59 yards. So most of the day they earned 61 yards against the Jets defense. The Jets defense stopped the Bills offense in the red zone and did a solid job of forced field goals instead of giving up 7 points.

The Jets pass rush was in full effect with 8 sacks. They gave Bills QB E.J. Manuel heavy pressure all game and forced the rookie to make plays on the move. In the 2nd quarter on a 3rd-and-1, the Jets stuffed Bills RB Jackson for a one yard loss. The Bills went for it on 4th and two and the Jets defense sacked Manuel on the play.

Early on in the 3rd quarter, Jets CB Kyle Wilson made a pass interference penalty that put the Bills in field goal range. Jets rookie CB Dee Milliner had good coverage on the ensuing 3rd down play and forced Bills to kick the field goal.

The Jets offense made mistakes in the 3rd quarter, but the defense held their ground. A Geno Smith interception put the Bills in field goal range once again. They held them off and the Bills had to kick their 4th field goal of the day (Jets 20-12 3rd quarter). They Jets turned the ball over on downs in the 3rd quarter. The Jets defense answered that failed drive with sacks and stopping the Bills, doing their best to make up for the offensive turnover on downs.

The start of the 4th quarter, the Jets defense had mental breakdowns via penalties. They gave up a touchdown and a 2-point conversion to tie the game up at 20-20. It was then the Jets offense’s turn to return the favor and scored the winning touchdown to bail out the defense’s let-down.

After the touchdown, the Jets led 27-20. Jets CB Darrin Walls helped to stop the next drive with great coverage. The defense stopped another drive in the 4th quarter with 1:44 left, shutting the Bills down on a 4th and seven play.

Bills Offense: 

Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel had some great play-fakes that extended drives. He had his best connection with his tight end, Scott Chandler, a 33 yard touchdown pass.

Manuel: 19/42, 243 yards, 1 TD

Geno Smith:

Smith: 16/29, 331 yards, 2 TD, 1 Rush; 2 INT

Smith had his first 300 yard day in the NFL. He was delivering the deep ball really well, which kept the defense on their heels. This helped to open up the running game.

Smith did have two interceptions which he had to overcome.

One thing I noticed about some of Smith passes is that he is timing routes. He burned the defense deep on them. His mistakes could have been a result of throwing to timing routes, but the timing of the passing will get better throughout season.

Smith’s opening drive was the start to a big day. Smith passed to Stephen Hill for 45 yards, which was the longest reception of Hill’s pro career. This helped set up the touchdown. Smith kept the ball, and cut his way to the score from 8 yards out for seven points.

In the 2nd quarter is where his mistakes started. Smith threw a short pass intended for Santonio Holmes, which was intercepted by Bills Jim Leonhard and returned for 14 yards.

The next series, Smith threw the ball in direction of Bills Jim Leonard and completed a pass to Stephen Hill for 12 yards. This set up the big pass to Hill a few plays later: A pass to the right to Stephen Hill for 51 yards and a touchdown. The Jets went up 14-6 in the 2nd Quarter.

In the Jets first series of the 3rd quarter, Smith made a big pass to Holmes. His pass to the right to Holmes went for 40 yards to the Bills 21 yard line. Then, on the same drive, Smith faced a 1st-and-25. Smith passed to the right for Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland for 18 yards and helped to recover the yards in one play by penalties. The Jets settled for a field goal on that drive.

Smith’s next mistake happened on the next series in the 3rd quarter. Smith’s pass intended for Clyde Gates was intercepted by Bills LB Kiko Alonso and returned for 32 yards.

The Bills tied the game up at 20-20 in the start of 4th quarter. Jets rookie QB would answer back with a big play. Smith passed to the right for Holmes for 69 yards for a touchdown. He beat the Bills defense on his arm with the deep ball.

Bilal Powell:

He had his best day as a NFL player with 27 carries for 149 yards. Powell was a work horse and undoubtedly a big part of the win. Powell had to carry the load with the injury to Chris Ivory in the first quarter.

Geno Smith got Powell involved after Ivory injury. Smith went into play action and passed to Powell for 7 yards. On the same drive Powell had an impressive rush for 5 yards. Might have been only 5 yards, but he cut and shifted, working for every yard.

On the Jets 2nd series of the 2nd quarter, Powell started the drive with a 9 yard run.This showed that Powell was up for the work load in the Jets running attack.

Powell helped the Jets get a field goal before the half. It was under 49 seconds and Powell rushed to the left for 9 yards to put the ball on the Bills 27 yard line. The following field goal put the Jets up 17-6.

The Jets first 3rd quarter series started with Powell rushing up the middle for 21 yards. However, that drive resulted in a punt. The next series Powell rushed to the left for 27 yards. That series ended in a Smith interception. Powell ended the 3rd quarter with a 13 yard run, continuing to grab yards in chunks.

The Jets are looking for a solid running back to carry the load.

Did the Jets find their star running back on Sunday?

Jeremy Kerley: 2 Catches for 25 Yards

The return of Kerley was nice to see, even though he may not have had a big day. He still found ways to be effective.

Kerley’s 2 catches were for first downs and key to the game. On the opening drive was his first catch, a pass to the middle to Kerley for 18 yards. The catch got the first down and put the ball on the Bills 21 yard line. His next and last catch was on the same drive. It was 3rd and three. Smith pass to the left to Jeremy Kerley for 7 yards and put the ball on the Bills 7 yard line, setting up Geno Smith’s run for the opening touchdown.

On the Jets last drive before the half, Kerley had a pass interference call go in his way.

Santonio Holmes: 5 Catches for 154 Yards, 1TD

Holmes looks like he is ready for the rest of the season with this performance.

In the 1st quarter Holmes makes his first catch of the game. Smith passed to Holmes for 24 yards.

In the 2nd quarter, during the drive that resulted in a Stephan Hill touchdown, Holmes helped keep the drive alive with a reception for 11 yards and a first down.

On Jets’ first series of the 3rd quarter, Holmes played a big role. Smith passed to Holmes for 40 yards, putting the ball on the Bills 21 yard line. That drive ended with a field goal.

In the 4th quarter with the game tied, Holmes caught a 69 yard touchdown catch, putting the Jets up. It tuned out to be the game winning touchdown.

Stephen Hill: 3 Catches for 108 Yards, 1 TD

Hill only had 3 catches, but 3 impact catches for the Jets. On the opening drive, Geno Smith passed to Hill for 45 yards to put the ball on the Bills 32 yard line.

In the 2nd quarter, Hill ‘s role grew. On 2nd-and-9, Hill got a big first down on a 12 yard catch to keep the drive alive. On the same drive, Hill caught a huge pass for 51 yards and beat the defense for the touchdown.


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