Robby Jerzee Knicks Weekly Knicks Falling Fast and Hard

New York Knicks,

Monday November 25 

Trailblazers 109 Knicks 91

This was a very difficult game to watch slow and boring. The game makes you feel like Woodson losing the team.Tim Hardaway shows he most active bench player in the NBA. Woodson needed a spark and failed to use him.

Trailblazer PG Damian Lillard ran a smooth and good ball movement offense.The Trailblazers had over four players in double digits.

Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony came to play and didn’t get much help.Martin was hitting jump shots and playing good defense.He had 10 points on 5 for 9 shooting of percentage of 55%.Anthony help on the boards with 15 rebounds and 52% shooting himself. Anthony missed a few foul shots ended the night with 34 points 13 for 25.

Where Anthony second scorer? Andera Bargnani was 43% shooting with 16 points 7 for 16.Bargnani has to step up for him to be an impact in New York. Replacement PG Beno Udrih got taken school on the defense end again.He shot well 71% 13 points 5 for 7 shooting.

Iman Shumpert had a very off night.Some media sources are reporting he affected by trade rumors.My personel opinion lets hold up , maybe he just had a bad night.

The bench was terrible and the spark JR Smith gave the Knicks in past is mising.Smith seems to be losing focus and not playing with the energy one saw from him last year.He shot 25% for 6 points 2 for 8 shooting.

Amare Stoudemire gave nothing off the bench as well.The 20 million dollar bench player shot 25% 5 for 12 with 10 points.

Tuesday November 26

Does Woodson have a problem with Shumpert?

Lets, make it clear Shumpert had bad night and look bad.Shumpert has been fighting and playing hard.He one of the few who still play defense. So far this season his starting job was challenged by Coach Woodson and in bunch trade rumors since summer.

Shumpert made some serious impact plays during the playoffs.He help with huge steal in a closeout game and help keep Knicks in their final game with three 3 pointers.He has been treated like the unwanted one with Woodson and the Knicks.

Woodson on radio According tp ESPN New York 98.7 FM:

I don’t know,” Woodson said when asked about Shumpert on “The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show” on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. “I thought he rebounded from that … prior to last night’s game, I thought he had been playing pretty well. Last night, there was nothing.

“I am going to have a conversation with him as well,” Woodson added. “Why that is? I don’t know. He just looked totally lost last night. And that can’t be.”

Wednesday November 27

Trade Rumors

Espn Chris Broussard reports Cleveland Cavaliers Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson had intense argument but were separated before it became a fight.The altercation has forced the option of trading Waiters.

Cavaliers are targeting  Iman Shumpert (NYK),Luol Deng (Chi), Evan Turner (Philly).Broussard reports possible trade with the Knicks could include third-year guard Iman Shumpert. Waiters would give the Knicks a perimeter threat, but they would lose something on defense in a Waiters-for-Shumpert swap.

Clippers 93 Knicks 80 Recap

The Knicks drop seven straight games for the first time in the Carmelo Anthony era its a total of losing seven in a row and eight of nine.The Knicks are owners of  last place in the Atlantic Division. They own the third-worst record in the NBA.

The point guard matchup was the best one until All Star Clippers PG Chris Paul left the game.Knicks PG Raymond Felton came back and ready to play.Clippers Paul was 4 for 9 with 44% shooting 15 points and 7 assist.Knicks PG Felton match him 5 for 9 55% shooting 12 points and 7 assist.

Clippers had a solid night overall.Blake Griffin 6 for 13 on 46% shooting for 15 points.JJ Redrick 5 for 10 on 50% shooting for 15 points.

The Knicks starters fair well Andrea Bargnani came up short again in the second half. Bargnani 8 for 18 on 44% shooting  and 10 rebounds for 20 points.Overall a good performance from him.

Kenyon Martin with a another good showing.He was 3 for 3 on 100% shooting for 6 points and 7 rebounds.Martin also got his teammates involved with 5 assist.

Carmelo Anthony fell short in the second half.He was 9 for 23 on 39% shooting for 27 points and 9 rebounds.

The team looking like they giving up on Coach Woodson message.The bench is horrible and Knicks are sinking fast.

THe Bench is giving the Knicks nothing again.How many team meeting will be needed till we see energy or before Coach Woodson will go deep in his bench.

The Knicks are ruining their young guard Iman Shumpert with all these trade rumors.The Portland game he had 0 points and the Clippers game he only had 2 points.Two games in a row 20% shooting.He ended the night 1 for 5.

Amare Stoudemire the 20 million dollar bench player was big non factor.Stoudemire complains after the Portland game no ball movement.Guess how he help with ball movement 0 Assist.He was 2 for 5 on 40% shooting with 4 points.The fact of Tyson Chandler out Stoudemire got to help with rebounds as big on the floor.He had only 2 rebounds and no effort.Stoudemire going to have to do more or keep him on the bench.

Last year six man of the year is nothing of the kind.He needs start earning his check and contribute to the team.He was 3 for 9 on 33% shooting on 7 points.He expected more and this is unacceptable.

Metta World Peace is a big goose egg back in staples center.He was 0 for 6 shooting on 0% for 0 points.





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