Robby Jerzee: Vital Mistakes in Players Minutes Management Results In The Loss

New York Knicks,

The Knicks have lost eight straight games and seem to be unraveling. They found themselves down two with 5 seconds to go.Carmelo Anthony posting up Nuggets Randy Foye for the tie.Anthony attempted a turnaround jumper and missed.Foye made a block on play and it looked like a foul but no call.So the Knicks are now 3-12 and the owners of an eighth straight loss.Nuggets win 97-95.

Coach Woodson made some questionable decision on his rotation.The Nuggets don’t play defense well at all.Woodson returned the favor and kept some his defenses players off the court.

Woodson made key mistakes that cost the game.Keyon Martin who been playing well and he only played 13 minutes.Rookie Tim Hardaway was shooting well and with about 3 minutes to go in the game,Coach took him out for the cold JR Smith.

Point Guard Production and Minutes 

The feature matchup Raymond Felton vs Ty Lawson.Nuggets PG Lawson is fast and Knicks PG Felton is slow. Lawson was 5 for 10 shooting for 50% and from 3 point line 2 for 4 50% also.He added 8 assist. and a total of 22 points.My analysis Felton lost this matchup and this could be prevented.

The vital matchup the Knicks keep losing is at point guard.The Knicks can’t beat starting PG with Beno Udrih and Felton.Coach Woodson going to have to adjust and utilize players who can defend perimeter better.Iman Shumpert is your best option and Pablo Prigioni is a good back up to him.A coach has to know his player’s skill set and put them in position to win the game.

Former Knick Nate Robinson the Nuggets back up PG outperformed the bench PG of the Knicks. Robinson went 54% shooting  6 for 11 with 8 assist. with 16 points.He played 18 minutes.

Knicks bench PG  Beno Udrih only 5 minutes on the floor for 1 assist 0 points.Pablo Prigioni played 5 minutes 1 assist 0 points.

This is coaching errors the utilizing the bench and giving your starting PG proper rest.Felton 37 minutes and bench PG 5 minutes a piece.Felton number reflect he on the court too much.He was shooting 3 for 9 33% shooting and from 3 point line 1 for 4 25% shooting.Felton one plus he moved the offense well with 7 assist. for 8 points.This is counter productive and not keeping Felton fresh by not using his backups.He also is shooting too much and his missed shots are costly.If he his minutes was manage better common sense tells one his production will increase.

Rest Starters Production and Minutes 

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has a great deal of pressure on him.The heavy minutes are taking a toll on him.He played 40 minutes and was 36% shooting 8-22 with 7 rebounds and 27 points.Anthony gets criticized by every move he makes.As his frustration builds what is the coach doing to help him.Anthony should be at 35 minutes and you see the burden of the heavy minutes affecting him on the floor.Once again poor minutes management.

Andrea Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani is starting to establish himself as the second scorer.His game always lack defense,but you can see he committing his efforts to defense.He played 38 minutes and was productive.He shot 63 % from the floor 7 for 11 and 50% from 3 point line 1 for 2 with 5 rebounds.He finished the game with 22 points.He earning his spot on team and could be threat taking the final shot.

Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert looked energize and played productive.He trying restore his place on the team after 2 poor games.Shumpert played 32 minutes and was 50% shooting on the floor 4 for 8.He was 50% shooting from 3 point line also 1 for 2 with total 11 points.He added 7 rebounds to the game as well.Shumpert pick up his intensity defense and was covering Nuggets PG Lawson at the end of the game.

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin was a starter but you could not tell by minutes only 13.Martin is aggressive and plays good defense.Martin the only true big who defends and keeping him on bench hurt.He was not in foul trouble.Was this a Coaching oversight or Woodson make a mental error? No matter what poor decision.

The Bench Production and Minutes

JR Smith 

JR Smith is playing too many minutes and he unproductive with the amount minutes he getting.He played 32 minutes and ended the game with 11 points.Smith was good on the rebounds with 6.He had a poor shooting game taking too many shots.He was 38% shooting on the floor 5 for 13 and at 3 point line 14% shooting 1 for 7.This is unacceptable from former 6 man of the year.His shots not falling the coach got to sit him.These shots at this volume are nothing but turnovers.

Amare Stoudemire and Metta World Peace 

Metta World Peace don’t look like himself.He played 4 minutes for 0 points.Amare Stoudemire another unproductive player off the bench.He played 15 minutes and had 4 rebounds.His shooting was 28% from the floor 2-7 for 4 points.He is brutal and time for Knicks to keep him on the bench.

Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway high energy off the bench was breath of fresh air.He played 14 minutes and made the most of all them.He was 66% shooting from the floor 3-5 and from 3 point line 66% on 2-3 shooting with 8 points.hardaway confidence was building in the 4th quarter and Woodson took him off court.This move is suspect on the coach and was clear it was mistake.

Coach Woodson 

Woodson needs to wake up and start managing the minutes of the players better.He gotta start using his bench and go with the player with the hot hand.



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