Jets broke formation On Block Punt

Panthers 30 Jets 20

The New York Jets lose and their season may be close being over.The Panthers are a solid team and a strong playoff team.The Jets went down with a fight and this team is lacking in talent.At the end of the day the Jets rebuilding process was taken some growth steps.

Geno Smith 

Geno Smith showed fight and emotion in the game.He stood in the pocket and delivered the ball with heavy pressure .Smith had the Jets 3rd down efficiency at 57%.

Smith performance has improved.He made some good throws and made some good scrambles with his feet.The Panthers defense was simply too strong for Smith to overcome.

Smith was passing about 50% accurate against a great defense, he completing just 15 of 28 passes for 167 yards.

Special Teams Failure Was The Turning Point

The Jets missing former Special Team coach Mike Westhoff. Jets special teams unit have been had a breakdowns may have cost the Jets a chance to stay alive in the playoff race on Sunday.

The Panthers blocked a punt was the Jets mental error.The Panthers player was able to easily run through the line to block a fourth-quarter punt .This has worst time to have a mental error.

It looks like the block punt was a ‘designed’ play. Jets broke formation to have two gunners to get to Ginn. Panthers adjusted to and burned the Jets.

Accoording to Espn  Joe Menzer,

Jets Long-Snapper Tanner Purdum said,

“They just made a good call. We had gone into a certain formation that they adjusted to, and he just got a good jump off the ball,”

Rex Ryan said,

“We were trying to take advantage of our speed,” Ryan said. “Obviously they have one of the premier returners in the game in Ted Ginn. But when you do that, you obviously cover up the center. The guy had a good rush on us. That’s exactly what happened.”

Power Running By  “Boss Hogg”

Jets Defensive Linemen Sheldon Richardson was nicknamed “Boss Hogg” because he played all over the place growing up. Returned kicks, played tight end, quarterback, wide receiver, and running back at Gateway Tech. Richardson scored a touchdown on a short running play on the goal line.


Jets Offense WR

The Jets are a better team with Jeremy Kerley in the lineup, but it seemed like he was completely removed from the game plan this week.

Kerley is a  favorite third-down targets, he did not make a single catch until the fourth quarter. The Jets struggled to sustain drives all game long.It was apparent they  missed Kerley’s presence over the middle on third downs.

It’s clear Santonio Holmes is done in New York. For all of his talk, Holmes finished with just two catches for 14 yards, dropping a several of passes;




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