The Workhorse FB: Tommy Bohanon’s Progress


Who is Tommy Bohanon?

Bohanon played for Wake Forest as their starting Fullback. He finished college with a total of 51 receptions, 405 receiving yards, 7 receiving touchdowns, 160 rushing yards and 3 career rushing touchdowns.

How did Bohanon become a Jet?

The easy answer is that on draft day, the Jets selected him. Yes, correct.  The Jets picked him in the 7th round, 215 overall in 2013 draft.

Bohanon’s college teammate and friend is Brad Idzik, the son of Jets General Manager John Idzik.

According to Metro New York Sports writer Kristian Dyer:

During his senior year, Bohanon got advice from John Idzik, who at that time was an executive with the Seahawks. The two used to bump into each other from time to time and Bohanon was always keen to listen to whatever advice was offered. He took advantage of his friendship with Brad to continue to grow as a player.

According to Dryer Bohanon said,

“He could definitely tell me a few pointers here or there if he saw something he liked or if I did something that I needed to improve,” Bohanon told Metro. “He was very rarely there because he was at Seattle. When he would be there he’d say, ‘Hey, if you’re doing this, you can work on these things and stuff like that.’”

“It’s definitely a special thing to play for a great guy like Mr. Idzik.”

The scouting report on Bohanon before the NFL season.

Wake Forest operated out of the spread offense and Bohanon was more of a pass catching fullback. He’s not much of a runner and needs work on his blocking.

The Combine:

Bohanon showed great power on the bench press. According to New York Jets website writer Randy Lange, FB Tommy Bohanon’s 36 reps on the bench at last year’s NFL Combine was easily the best total by any running back at any combine from ’06-14.

How did Bohanon make the Jets roster?

Bohanon worked on his game throughout the Jets’ preseason. He improved his blocking right away. In the second preseason game, he was picking up blocking assignments more efficiently. In training camp, he kept on improving picking up blitzes. He put in extra time with the Jets running back coach Anthony Lynn either before or after practice.

Rookie season with the Jets:

Bohanon won the starting fullback job with the 2013 Jets. He finished with 17 carries for 62 yards, as well as 11 receptions for 69 yards. He also returned 1 kick for 15 yards. Tommy Bohanon gave the Jets a reliable receiver out of the backfield and he was a good short yardage back.

Expect the progress to continue with Bohanon, as he has the skill set to become a powerful fullback.

This offseason, Bohanon is working hard again, with focus on improvement.

Tommy Bohanon tweets this past week:

“Great Monday workouts! Went 22 mph on the treadmill in my speed session/ lifted some big weight in my morning lifting session!! #nextyear”

“Definitely a great offseason so far! Feel fast and explosive thanks to my great trainers!”







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