Chris Johnson Ready to Lead The Jets To The Playoffs

Florham Park:
The New York Jets opened the locker room for the media. The running backs spoke on the upcoming season.

Running Backs

Chris Ivory:

Ivory and Bilal Powell split carries last year. Ivory got 182 carries and Powell got 176 carries in a very balanced approach by the coaching staff. This season, Ivory is going to split carries with new Jets running back Chris Johnson.
According to Star-Ledger writer Darryl Slater,
Ivory on Johnson added to the team:

“I thought it was a good move, man,” Ivory said. “Anybody who can come in and help us I think is good for the team. Nah, it didn’t surprise me. Why would it surprise me? It’s just another guy on the team with great talent and somebody that can add diversity to the team and just give us another weapon and add explosiveness to what we have. I’ve seen him play. He can do it all. He speaks for himself.”

Ivory on two different styles:

“He’s fast and has great speed, great hands,” Ivory said. “We all bring something different. As far as complements, it depends on the (opponent) and the scheme that they have.”

“We can be just as good as we make ourselves,” Ivory said. “It’s about us going out and just putting plays together and making positive plays.”

Chris Johnson:

Chris Johnson is heading towards a down-swing of his career, turning 29 in September. Johnson has remained healthy during his career, but played last season with a injury. He still had 279 carries for 1077 yards with 6 touchdown, all on a torn meniscus in his knee. Johnson underwent surgery in January.

According to Star-Ledger writer Darryl Slater,

Johnson On OTA Health:

Johnson said,“I think they’re gonna hold me out of OTAs and just let me continue to rehab until I get 100 percent,” Johnson said. “Take it slow, since I have time on my side, and just be ready for [training] camp.” “I’m feeling good right now. Getting better and better every day,” he said Thursday, adding that this was the first week he was able to do “straight-ahead running.”

Production in the Jets Offense:

“Basically, right now, I’ve been in rehab a lot, not being able to be on the field with the team,” he said. “From just going through the playbook and talking with coaches, it’s going to be very interesting this year, getting me in space a lot, and just putting me in position to help this team win. That was one of the reasons that helped me choose to come over here: They’ve got a pretty good offensive line and they like to run the ball and mix it up.” “I’m not sure how they’re going to use all of us,”

“There was some of that discussed (while talking with the Jets during free agency),” Johnson said. “That’s another way to get me the ball in space and to help me make plays. That’s something they told me they would like for me to do here, too.”

“I knew the situation coming in, and we’re just going to work together and everybody’s goal is to put wins on the board,” Johnson said. “We’re not really worrying about the carries or who’s going to play this down or that down. We’ve just all got one focus, and that’s winning.”

According to Newsday writer Kimberley Martin,

Johnson said the Jets are “right on the edge of winning and making the playoffs.”

According to Star-Ledger writer Darryl Slater,

Johnson on the Titans and facing them this season:

“It’s just a situation where I want to come in here and win,” he said. “I think I needed a fresh start, being with Tennessee for so long. Sometimes, a fresh start is good for players, so I feel like that’s something that I needed. Any time a player gets released from a team that he’s been with so long, he always wants to go out there and prove that team wrong for letting him go. It’s something else to put a chip on your shoulder and help you work hard, and extra motivation.”

On playing the Titans:

According to Newsday writer Kimberley Martin,

Johnson: “I’m going to make the league kick me out. …As long as somebody picks me up, I’m going to continue to keep playing.” “Any time you get released from a team you’ve been with for so long, you always want to go out there and prove that team wrong.”

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