Day Two of Rookie Minicamp: Pryor’s Trash Talking Is Gamesmanship


Ryan’s Day 2 Standout Player

It’s 26-year old linebacker free agent from A.J. Edds. Head Coach Rex Ryan mentioned in his presser that Edds could line him up anywhere as a linebacker. He excelled all over the field.

Edds is 6’4″ and weighs 256 pounds. In college, he was good on coverage. He was drafted in the fourth round by the Dolphins in 2010. Edds tore his ACL and missed his rookie season. Afterwards, he bounced around to a couple of teams.

Is Dawan Landry on the Bubble?

According to Newsday writer Kimberley A. Martin,

When Ryan asked about Landry future,

Rex: “Landry’s gonna play a ton — as a clear-cut starter or whatever u wanna call it. …He might end up playing more than anyone.” Rex says Dawan Landry is a ‘vital’ member of the secondary. Calvin Pryor’s presence won’t change that.

Calvin Pryor Day 2 Progress:

Pryor’s fellow secondary members are helping him learn the Jets defense. Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry have been giving him pointers from the moment Pryor arrived.

Pryor is not about easing into the NFL. He very similar to former player Bart Scott with his trash talking. He’s a hard hitter and like to use his mouth as gamesmanship. In other words, he thinks trash-talking affects opponents and plays a presence on the field.

According to Star Ledger Darryl Slater,

Pryor said, “When you’re able to talk trash and you go out there and make plays and hit guys hard, it’s just kind of an intimidation factor: ‘This guy, he means what he says and he’s ready to play,’” Pryor said. “It’s just all fun and games for the most part.”

“I’ve always been like that,” Pryor said of talking trash. “That’s the main reason I don’t wear a mouthpiece. When you’re out there, able to talk trash and get in guys’ heads, it affects their game a little bit. So that’s the main reason I do it. But it’s nothing personal against them. That’s just who I am as a football player. But outside of the field, I’m nothing like that.”

“With me being a rookie, that doesn’t mean anything,” he said. “I am who I am. I’m going to talk trash. I’m going to be myself. People who don’t like it are just going to have to get used to it.”So he would have no problem running his mouth to an elite receiver like Andre Johnson?“He’s human, right?” Pryor said. “I have no problem with it at all. We’re all football players.”

Ryan On Pryor,

“There’s going to be a lot of jerseys sold with Pryor’s name on the back, because I have a funny feeling he’s going to become one of the more popular Jets as this thing gets going,” Ryan said. “Smart, instinctive and is on top of it. It’s rare that it comes easy, and you can see it in there. The way he communicates, just everything. He has really been everything that we’ve wanted and then some. Really been impressed with him. I think he’d be probably the No. 1 guy that jumps out at me (from rookie mini camp so far).”

What in particular has Ryan liked about Pryor?

“How sharp he is,” Ryan said. “Today, in seven-on-seven, he could’ve had three great shots (to make hits). He’s so instinctive. A guy can be a big hitter, but if you don’t have instincts or you don’t have awareness, a lot of times it’s wasted, unless a (receiver) is right there on your track. But this guy, he sees it happening and he’s got great pattern recognition and he also has an ability to time things. I think that’s what puts him in position to make those hits.”

Wide Receivers:

On day two, receivers struggled with drops. All three draft picks dropped at least one pass, reported by Jets Insider Chris Nimbley. However, according to Nimbley, a healthy portion of them were from over or under-thrown passes.

According to Newsday writer Kimberley A. Martin,

Ryan on the drops: “When your head’s spinning a little bit, your focus is a little off.” We have speed. We have a heckuva relay team.” Rex: “You wanna have as much speed on your team as possible.” Rex then references the adage: ‘Size hurts, speed kills.”

According to Star Ledger Darryl Slater,

Ryan said, “We’re coming into the season way different from we ended the season last year,” head coach Rex Ryan said this afternoon after the second practice of camp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “From top to bottom, it’s a much better group of receivers than we had probably at any point last year, even coming out of camp because of the injuries.

Wide Receiver Need To Step Up To Make The Team: 

The safest receiver is Eric Decker, who signed a big contract this offseasons. Another unit of the Jets that is stacked and complete and will be tough, go hard or go home type of of competition.

Receivers that are on the roster are: Jacoby Ford, Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson, Stephan Hill, Greg Salas, Clyde Gates, and Saalim Hakim.

Draft picks: Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evans, Quincy Enunwa, and tight end Jace Amaro.

Amaro, out of the rookies, is the safest based off draft status.

Saunders cramped up:

Saunders went down on the sideline after trying to make a diving catch during practice. He was gimpy and tried to stretch out his right leg. Jets trainers tended to him by rubbing both legs, the signs of a cramp. He was fine after a play or two and he was back on the field. In fact, he was back to running routes at what appeared to be his top speed.


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