David Nelson Looking to be the Jets’ Long Term Answer at WR

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David Nelson was a great mid season pick up for the New York Jets. At 6′-5″ and 215 pounds, he’s a big target for the quarterback. Nelson had to learn the Jets system on the fly and still had 36 catches for 423 yards and two touchdowns. Out of his 36 catches, an astounding 20 went for first downs.

Nelson, now with have a full camp, will benefit greatly with more time in the system. He was also a good 3rd option for the Buffalo Bills. In 2011, he had 61 catches for 658 yards and five touchdowns. Those are good numbers for an undrafted free agent in 2010. Nelson’s career is just getting started.


David Nelson has acclimated to the offense and helped the weak receiver unit of the Jets in 2013. He’s going be a solid 3rd option for a young team and may earn a contract for next season.

Nelson is More than a Football Player:

Nelson is giving back to Haiti by building orphanages and sporting complexes for children in the country. He has been raising money to get the non-profit up and running over the past year or so. They launched their first campaign, called “House the Vision,” and the goal is to raise money to create a village for several dozen Haitian orphans.

According to Newsday writer Bob Glauber,

“When I leave the locker room, I go into that business mode,” Nelson said. “This is the last chance I get to go before the season starts. I can’t wait to see all the kids.”

“I had the weekend off, so I figured it would be a quick trip, and I said, ‘Absolutely, I’d love to go,’ ” said Nelson, who was asked by some people at a local church in Houston who were making the trip to Port au Prince after the earthquake in 2010. “I was just expecting to go and experience it and say that was a cool experience and I’d just kind of check it off my list of things I’ve done in my life.”

“When I met those kids, and met little children who don’t have a mother and father, yet who have more hope in their pinkie than I have in my entire body, it just changed and humbled me,” Nelson, 27, said. “I came back, my brothers and I reflected on it, and said, ‘We just can’t come back [home] and act like we hadn’t experienced what we just experienced and do nothing about it.’ We had to do something. I wanted to be able to use being an NFL athlete and speak on behalf of the kids.”

“If I wasn’t playing ball, I’d be living there. It’s in my heart,” said Nelson, who plans to spend several months a year in Haiti when his NFL career is over.




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