Jets Fan Of The Week: Justin Tank McGhie



The Jets are nothing without their strong fans. So, Locker Room Update is appreciating the fans with “Jets fan of the week.” This week’s fan of the week is Justin Tank McGhie. I caught up with Justin and asked him a few questions.

Jets Fan Of The Week:

Robert: How did you become a Jets fan? And what year?

Justin: The year was 1990 and the Super Bowl had just ended and New York Giants were the talk of the town and everybody was on the bandwagon of the Giants. Little did I know then was that the Bills would go to 4 straight Superbowl’s and lose them all. So I really wasn’t the type to follow the crowd and be a Giants fan and definitely couldn’t be a Bills fan being that they were losers. I am a die hard New Yorker and to me the Jets spoke to me because they were the underdogs and more of the blue collar type of team that I could relate to.

Robert: What’s your favorite Jets moment?

Justin: Man this is a tough question because its hard to single out one great moment for me in Jets history. If I had to choose one that sticks out clearly in my mind it would definitely be the Monday Night Miracle when we showed our true colors and we didn’t lay down and roll over. We fought with heart. Being down 30-7, most teams would just pack it up and go home – but not us. The grand finale down the stretch when Jumbo Elliott caught the TD pass to tie the score and his eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree – that was a look that went into every Jets Fans heart.

Robert: What your best Jets moment you seen at the stadium?

Justin:I’ve only been to 2 games as long as I’ve been a Jets fan and that was 2012 verse Miami and 2013 verse the Raiders so when Chris Ivory came Barreling down the middle and bounced off the Raiders like a pin ball machine and found his way to the end zone. That to me signified ground and pound at its peak and with he addition of CJ2K I’m expecting more good things to come this year.

Robert: Do you have a current favorite Jet? If so, who? Same for all -time Jet?

Justin: My current favorite Jet… I would have to say that I like Mo Wilkerson and how he is a dominant force in the middle and knows how to make his way to the QB. As far as all-time favorite, I would have to go with a guy who wasn’t drafted but yet had a huge heart and was never scared to go over the middle though he was only 5’10.” I wish more guys could give their all for the team like this man has for us. Before there was any thought of Wes Welker, there was the Great Wayne Chrebet!!!

Robert: What do you do on game day to prepare for a game and where you view them?

Justin: I really don’t do anything special in preparation for the Jets game, I’m usually watching them from the comfort of my home and preferably the living room where I have the big screen TV. Though before the Raiders game I went to I had one mean Tailgate party and that’s something I could get use to doing. It was extremely cold that day but everyone had a blast.

Robert: Crazy thing you did as Jets Fan?

Justin: Well being that I have had limited times at Jets games the most craziest thing I’ve done was my Uncle who had been messing with me at the Jets game all game long making jokes on me. I waited to seize an opportunity to get him back so as we closed down the parking lot after the game had ended and we grilled again. Once we were done and packed up the things and pulled off my Uncle decided he wanted to use the Porta Potty outside the stadium so I pretended to pull off and once he went inside. I pulled next to the Porta Potty and I shook the heck out of that thing. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy!

Robert: Do you like the direction the Jets are going in?

Justin: Right now it seems to me that from every faucet of the Organization top to bottom we have a good set of staff and players and we seem to be meshing very well. This seems to be the best moment we have had and everyone is buying into the system that is in place and we have alleviated our team of and big mouths and players who are about themselves first. No more distractions so now we can really get down to business.

Robert: What’s your bold prediction on 2014 as far as players having a breakout year?

Justin: I really see Coples causing a lot of havoc this year and silencing the critics. I also see Pryor having a great year as well. Offensively, I would like to see good things from HIll, Evans, and Enunwa if they make the team.

Robert: Which Jets will make the Pro Bowl in 2014?

Justin: I was very disappointed that Wilkerson didn’t make the pro bowl last year. Now I know he made it as a alternate but the man was ranked #42 on the top 100 players in the league by is peers and had 10 sacks. There is no way he shouldn’t of gotten there on his own hard work ethic. Hopefully Decker or Amaro can make their way to the pro bowl and Mangold can be in considerations as well.

Robert: What’s your Jets 2014 record prediction?

Justin: Prediction time….. I really think we have a special team this year and we have vastly improved and I could predict us going 11-5 if we play our cards right and also winning the division. It’s our time to shine – every other team has had their era of dynasty. Miami in the 70’s, Buffalo in the 90’s, New England in the 2000’s…. This will be our time!!! LETS GO JETS!




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