Sloppy Practice: Jace Amaro Attributes Drops to Overthinking Things



Rex Ryan Sounds Off-

According to

Rex says “it’s been up and down with the rookies. Some great stuff but other times it’s oh boy, he’s a rookie.”

Rex on seeing 7 penalties in practice: “it’s a good thing we’re not playing. … It was ugly out there.” Rex says the mistakes are fine, as long as they get corrected and don’t keep repeating them.

The head coach on the rookies: “Jace stood out today, he had three drops…he looked good before today.”

Rex on Jace Amaro’s drops today: “Job one is to catch the football.”

Jace Amaro:

Jace Amaro is going through adjustment learning a pro-style system with more complex terminology.Jets run a West Coast offense and big difference from spread offense from college.Amaro expressed frustration his performance in wednesday.The Jets’ offense has been just as challenging.

According to Star Ledger writer Darryl Slater,

Amaro on his struggles:

It’s a real big learning process for me, especially because I’m so used to plays being so very simple,” he said. “I think I’m just over-thinking right now, and I’m not playing my best. But I think it’s all a process. I’ve got to be ready for training camp, and that’s really the big thing for me. I know I’m going to make mistakes out there. I know I’m not going to do my best right now because I’m still learning. I’m just really concentrating on being fully prepared for training camp and really showcasing what I can do.”

So what is his biggest problem right now?

I think just over-thinking all the plays,” he said. “They call the plays so quickly, and then lining up and thinking about what I need to do. Before the snap, you only have a couple seconds to do that. I think once I get everything down and once it starts clicking, it’s going to be a lot more simple for me, and I can just know (that) I’ve just got to get open on this play, or I’ve got this guy (in blocking). Right now, I’m just having a little trouble in that area, just getting lined up in the correct spot and making sure I know what to do, especially. That kind of draws off a little bit of your game if you’re just thinking a little bit too much.”

It’s different because you can memorize it, and it’s like going into a final exam and you just kind of blank out when you’re out there, because they call it so quickly and plays are all random,” he said. “It’s just one of those things (where) it’s going to be (learning) just by reps. I feel real comfortable when we’re going out there and just throwing with the quarterbacks. But when it comes to team (periods), it kind of takes me half a second to really process everything.”

He went on to continue,

I’ve got to know what the defense is. I’ve got to know what they’re all doing. I’ve got to see where the safeties are at. And then I have to make sure that I line up right, and then know what I’m doing on the play. I think that’s probably the biggest thing for me right now, is I just want to be comfortable out there. Once I do that, I think I’m going to feel really good about this offense.”



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