Rex Ryan and David Nelson on the Jets Confidence

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Rex Ryan Showing Confidence in the Jets:

According to Star Ledger writer Darryl Slater,

Rex Ryan On Jets Players Bragging Players:

“Maybe there’s a reason,” he said. “Maybe I am more confident in this team. See, my problem is, I tell you the truth, no matter what I believe to be the truth. I know it gets me in trouble and all that stuff, but I’m just telling you what I believe. Does it look like I’m a little more confident this year?”

“Yeah, your team is a little different. Last year, we had seven new starters on offense [six, actually], seven new starters on defense, a new punter and 11 new coaches. Maybe I wasn’t as confident initially. I mean, I was confident, but it was like, ‘Woo, I don’t even know these guys.’ But again, I knew myself. I knew we’d give it our best shot, for sure.”

“I have no idea where they get that from,” he said, his words dripping in sarcasm. “No idea. Because you know I’m a great coach. Just ask me. I told you.”

(Ryan, of course, was jokingly alluding to one of his pre-camp interviews, in which he expressed confidence in his coaching skills.)

“But you know what?” he continued. “We always say … you know my Ray Robinson quote, that to be great, to be a champion, you’ve got to believe in yourself or nobody else will. And that’s it. You can’t hide in this league. So if you’re saying it, that’s great, because they really believe it. But you don’t want to get embarrassed. That’s for sure.

“That means you’re going to put in the work. You’re willing to do that. And you know what comes with it. The great thing is, guys are still confident that, you know what, this is how I feel about myself, and this is how I feel about my team and my teammates. That’s a good sign, I think.

“You get a few bullets shot at you when you take this approach, so maybe that’s not recommended. But you know what? It’s who we are. It’s how we feel. They can laugh, but you’ve got to play us, too. So we’ll see at the end of the day. The beauty of it is, we get to find out. We’re not running from it. We’re running into it.”

“I think you get tired of the questions (from reporters) maybe,” Ryan said. “Sometimes, you just (say), ‘You know what? I believe in myself, so there.’ I think for a guy like Dee, Dee’s like, ‘Hey, why would I say somebody is better than me and he plays the same position I do, when I know I have God-given ability, and I know I have a lot of good teammates surrounding me, and I’m confident in my abilities?’

“I think that’s where it came from. And I know [Milliner knows, he means] I’ve got a great work ethic and I recognize I have to get better. We’ll see. We certainly believe in everybody that’s chimed in there a little bit.”

David Nelson on Jets Bragging Comments:

“I’m OK with it as long as they back it up on the football field,” Nelson said. “I’m all for the confidence. I’m all for saying what you believe. But you’ve got to go out to the football field, and you’ve got to back it up. If there’s a disconnect between what you’re saying and what you’re producing out there on the football field, that’s when there’s a problem and that’s when something needs to be addressed. I’m not going to get too far into that right now. We start preseason (games) a week from now and I’m ready to see them put action to words. And if that’s the case, I’m all for it.”

“I think too much is made of that,” Nelson said. “I really do. I don’t think teams come into it thinking, ‘OK, they said they’re the best defense in the league.’ I think the reputation specifically for this defense speaks for itself. Being on the other side of the ball, being on the other side of the AFC East, playing for a different team (the Bills), you come in here already knowing that this is going to be a solid defense, just with the scheme. And then you have the players that we have now, it takes it to a different level. I don’t think guys are saying anything that teams aren’t preparing for. Like I said, it’s just one of those things where if you’re going to say it to the media, if you’re going to say it in the public eye, you’ve got to back it up on the football field. Guys are aware of that, and they’re working to make sure that they’re doing that.”

“I think every team in the league has got those same goals and aspirations,” he said. “That’s the reason why we play the game. That’s the reason why we practice hard. Like I said, we have confidence in ourselves. We understand that it takes a ton of hard work and you’ve got to prove it out on the field, but we never want to sell ourselves short. The main thing is that we continue to stay focused. We’re all levelheaded. No one’s here saying we cornered the marked on anything. We believe that we have to put the work in, and if we do so, then we’ll have a good team.”

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