Fantasy Football Preview: Roundtable News on the Hottest Picks


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The Locker Room Update writers all gave their roundtable opinions on the 2014 NFL season, regarding what we’ve all been waiting for- the Fantasy Football preview, led by LRU staff writer, Christa Levitas. For those that are about to fill out their many drafts for the season, take heed!


Christa Levitas:

Top 5 QB’s that can boost fantasy football team are:

Peyton Manning – QB Denver Broncos

Aaron Rogers – QB Green Bay Packers

Drew Brees – QB New Orleans Saints

Tom Brady – QB New England Patriots

Andrew Luck – QB Indianapolis Colts

All five of these quarterbacks are smart and good quarterbacks to draft to a fantasy football roster. A QB to consider drafting in the first round is Peyton Manning. He is a point getter for fantasy football users which makes him a top candidate to draft on your roster. He’s smart, calls his own plays, and has a very talented roster to work with this upcoming season. He’s also the safest quarterback to draft this upcoming season since he barely ever turns the ball over. The second QB on my list is Aaron Rogers; he’s a smart and flawless with his decision making. The third QB on my list is Drew Brees, he’s the type of QB who can quickly make adjustments and is also a QB who makes great plays when needed. Fourth QB on my list is Tom Brady, Brady although doesn’t not have a talented group of WR like the first three do, he is able to make his WR into deadly weapons. Finally, last QB on the list is Andrew Luck; Luck is a smart and one of the most talented young QB in the NFL.


Top 5 RB’s that can boost a fantasy football team are:

LeSean McCoy – RB Philadelphia Eagles

Adrian Peterson – RB Minnesota Vikings

Jamaal Charles – RB Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Forte – RB Chicago Bears

Eddie Lacy – RB Green Bay Packers

The top five RB’s on this list are talented and good RB’s to consider when drafting your fantasy football team. First, on my list is LeSean McCoy. McCoy is my number one pick because he’s a deadly weapon and major asset to the Eagles offense. He’s also a reliable RB to draft onto your fantasy football team. Second, on my list is Adrian Peterson arguable the best RB currently in the NFL. Peterson is a key part of the Vikings offense. Third, RB on my list is Jamaal Charles; Charles has been on the rise over the past few years which make him a prime and valuable asset to any fantasy football team. Fourth RB on my list is Matt Forte, Forte is talented RB who is a deadly weapon for the Bears offense. Last RB I chose is Eddie Lacy, Lacy the former Offense Rookie of the Year, is the type of RB who runs players over who is also a great weapon for Aaron Rogers in the run game.

Top 5 defenses that can boost a fantasy football team are:

Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers

Carolina Panthers

Cincinnati Bengals

Denver Broncos

The top five defenses on this list are good defenses to consider when drafting your fantasy football team. First, on my list is the Seattle Seahawks who is an elite defense. This defense is able to put pressure on the opponents QB which is a critical skill to be a dominant defense in the NFL. Second, is the 49ers, this defense consists of tough, physical players who have some of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Third, are the Panthers, like the 49ers the Panthers defense consists of tough and physical players who capable of putting pressure on the QB. Next defense on my list the Bengals. The Bengals have a talented group of players who are able to put pressure on the QB. Last defense on my list is the Denver Broncos; The Broncos acquired a lot of talent on defense during the offseason which makes them strong contenders to draft onto your fantasy football team.

Top 5 sleepers that can boost a fantasy football team are:

Emmanuel Sanders- WR Denver Broncos

Jay Cutler – QB Chicago Bears

Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia Eagles

Eric Decker – WR New York Jets

Andre Williams- RB New York Giants

Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks

This is a list of the top sleepers I feel can help boost a fantasy football team. First, on my list is Emmanuel Sanders. Emmanuel Saunders is another weapon for Peyton Manning who is a quick and deadly weapon to have on the field. Second, is Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler has a talented duo to work with with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey who may also be the most talented WR duo in the NFL. Jay Cutler has a lot of weapons to work with this year along with the new addition of Santonio Holmes who is a speedster at WR who will help spread out the field in the Bear’s offense. Third, on my list is Zach Ertz the Eagle having a talented offense and he can potentially have a breakout for the Eagles. Fourth, is Eric Decker. Decker is a consistent and reliable target for the New York Jets. He has also quickly learned the playbook and has built great chemistry with Geno Smith. Last is Andre Williams. Although he is a rookie RB, he has been doing well during preseason and has been working his way to getting first team reps with the Giants.


Ryan Gopen:

Top 5 QB:

1- Peyton Manning

2- Drew Brees

3- Aaron Rodgers

4- Tom Brady

5- Cam Newton

Top 5 RB:

1- Adrian Peterson

2- LeSean McCoy

3- Jamaal Charles

4- Arian Foster

5- Chris Johnson

Top 5 WR:

1- Calvin Johnson

2- AJ Green

3- Larry Fitzgerald

4- Andre Johnson

5- Brandon Marshall

Top 5 Defenses:

1- Seattle Seahawks

2- San Francisco 49ers

3- New York Jets

4- St. Louis Rams

5- Carolina Panthers

Top 5 sleepers:

1- WR Alshon Jeffery

2- QB Andy Dalton

3- RB Bishop Sankey

4- Broncos Defense

5- WR Wes Welker


Robert Melofchik:

Top 5 QB:

1- P. Manning

2- D. Brees

3- M. Stafford

4- M. Ryan

5- J. Cutler

Sleeper QB- P. Rivers

Top Receivers:

1- C. Johnson

2- AJ Green

3- Dez Bryant

4- B. Marshall

5- J. Jones

Late Rounds:

1- K. Benjamin (Car)

2- Tavon Austin

3- H. Nicks

Top RB:

1- J. Charles

2- M. Forte

3- L. McCoy

4- A. Peterson

5- D. Murray

Sleeper RB: B. Tate

Late Rounds:

1- Tre Mason

2- C. Hyde (SF)

3- A. Williams (Giants)

Top 5 Tight Ends:

1- V. Davis

2- J. Witten

3- J. Graham

4- M. Bennett

5- G. Olson

Top 5 Flex RB/WR:

1- Reggie Bush

2- CJ Johnson

3- D. Jackson (Redskins)

4- D. Sproles

5- G. Bernard


1- Seattle

2- Carolina

3- 49ers

4- Bengals

5- Browns


1- Buccaneers

2- Saints

3- Jets


Alex Peterman:

Top 5 QB:

1- Drew Brees

2- Peyton Manning

3- Aaron Rodgers

4- Andrew Luck

5- Tom Brady

Sleeper: Carson Palmer

Top 5 RB:

1- LeSean McCoy

2- Jamaal Charles

3- Adrian Peterson

4- Arian Foster

5- Marshawn Lynch

Sleeper: Ben Tate

Top 5 WR:

1- Calvin Johnson

2- Demaryius Thomas

3- Dez Bryant

4- Brandon Marshall

5- AJ Green

Sleeper: Percy Harvin

Top 5 Tight Ends:

1- Jimmy Graham

2- Rob Gronkowski

3- Julius Thomas

4- Greg Olson

5-Jordan Camerson

Sleeper: Dennis Pitta

Top 5 Defenses:

1- Seattle Seahawks

2- Cincinnati Bengals

3- Carolina Panthers

4- Arizona Cardinals

5- Cleveland Browns

Sleeper: St. Louis Rams


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