Eric Decker Injury Update: What Does this Mean for the Jets?

After New York Jets receiver removed himself from the Monday Night Football contest against the Bears, it’s understandable that fans (and certainly the Jets offense) have reason to hesitate when it comes to gauging his “tight hamstring.”

More tests are pending, and the exact severity of the injury remains to be confidently seen, but early signs may point to Decker missing time this season, and perhaps taking a lot longer to get it back to full health.

JETS V Chicago Bears

It was the same hamstring that he had an issue with in training camp, and it was also the same hamstring that caused him to pull out of the game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2.

Back to back games of tightness certainly won’t do wonders for letting the muscle get back to the point where he can consistently play without pain.

What does this mean for the New York Jets?

Well, first off, the ultimate solution may just be to let him rest for a few weeks if that’s what it takes to getting him healthy.  He’s a weapon they’ll need more down the stretch. From a team’s perspective, you’d rather have a Decker that’s close to 100% if he has to miss a few games, than a 65% Decker by having him play through pain.  And from a medical [perspective, putting more pressure on a tightened muscle will only making the healing process that more drawn out.  That doesn’t help anybody.

Decker and Kerley have been the two most proven weapons the Jets have at receiver this season so far. Even with the former battling injuries, he has still managed 16 yards on 10 receptions, to go a long with his lone touchdown. Geno Smith has certainly appreciated the company for his potential targets, as we knew he would leading into the 2014 season.

Yes, sitting him will disappoint Fantasy Football owners. But alas, that’s a price the Jets may have to pay to keep maintain the health of one of their most productive offensive weapons. They’ll need him when it counts.



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