LRU Roundtable: Full Access Recap on Bears’ 27-19 Win Over Jets

New York Jets-

The Locker Room Update New York Jets writers Robert Melofchik and Christa Levitas, give their recap of the Jets’ loss to the Bears, 27-19.

Jets Player of the Game:

Robert Melofchik: Jeremy Kerley

Christa Levitas: Jeremy Kerley

Play of the Game or Turning Point:

Robert Melofchik: Jalen Saunders’ muffed punt return and then a pass interference call on Darrin Walls, which was clearly offensive but not called that way.

Christa Levitas: When Geno Smith threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown by Murdy. Also another turning point of the game was when Jalen Saunders fumble in the 40 yard line, which gave the Bears an 14 point advantage.



Jet QB Report:

Robert Melofchik: Geno Smith had his share of mistakes. He’s turning the ball over like last year. To his defense, the offensive line had a leak and Smith was on the run. He hurt the team with taking sacks with losses of over 12 yards. He should thrown the ball away more often. Smith did fight back and ended the night with 26 for 43 with 316 yards. He had one touchdown and two interceptions with a 60% completion.

Christa Levitas: Geno Smith had a hard time against the Bears and was off to a bad start, he was able to eventually pick up the momentum and make some great plays, but as the game continued Geno seemed to panic and missed wide open wide receivers.

Jets Ground Attack Report:

Robert Melofchik: I’m very disappointed in the play calling. The Jets got down by 14 points early 1st quarter, but there was plenty of time left in game.They didn’t focus on the run. Chris Ivory had success with 10 carries for 44 yards. Chris Johnson is not being used right; he’s being used on runs between the tackles. They should use his speed on the outside and in space.

Christa Levitas: The Jets focused more on passing than they did with running. Chris Ivory had a great game by catching balls off the backfield and was able to gain yardage.

Jets Passing Attack Report:

Robert Melofchik: Jeremy Kerley’s making plays and almost caught a touchdown to have a chance to tie the game. Greg Salas had a big catch in the final drive and is starting to state a case to be a starter. Jace Amaro had a couple of catches and is coming around. Amaro has a long way to go, but it’s nice to see his production.

Christa Levitas: Kerley finished the game with 7 catches for 83 yards. Geno Smith found Greg Salas for a 51 yard pass. David Nelson also caught a pass by the end zone.

Offensive Trenches Report:

Robert Melofchik: Brian Winters had a poor game. He struggle with his blocking assignment and the result was the quarterback on the run. The Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg failed to help Winters. He could have left a running back back to block and help the pass rush. Instead, he chose to have the running backs in routes. That’s why the Jets lost: the OC failed to make adjustments.

Christa Levitas: The Jets offense played sloppy towards the beginning of the game, by giving the Bears an easy 14 point lead. Jets were able to get downfield to score field goal to get more points on the field. Chris Ivory was able to catch balls off the backfield and effectively run the ball.



Linebacker Report:

Robert Melofchik: The linebackers created a fumble for a touchdown but it didn’t count. David Harris was solid with 4 tackles and 1 sack. Demario Davis is becoming a impact player. He had 7 tackles and .5 sack.

Defensive Trenches Report:

Robert Melofchik: Muhammad Wilkerson had a sack and a half. The defensive line had plenty of pressure.

Christa Levitas: The defense was consistent, however, the defense has to find a way create turnovers and create pressure on the quarterback.


Secondary Report:

Robert Melofchik: The secondary held a team with good weapons to 20 points. After the game, not sure what pass interference is?

Christa Levitas: The cornerbacks didn’t have a bad game. Walls was consistent and was able to cover his intended WR, however that one call that was called offensive pass interference which put the Jets on their 7 yard line. Antonio Allen was decent he wasn’t able to catch a pick six but he was able to make some plays.


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