LRU ROUNDTABLE: Full Preview of Lions at Jets

New York Jets-

Locker Room Update New York Jets writers Robert Melofchik, Christa Levitas and Ryan Gopen present Lions at Jets roundtable for Week 4.

Injury Report as of Friday:

Doubtful: CB Dee Milliner (quad).
Questionable: WR Eric Decker (hamstring).
Probable: RB Chris Johnson (ankle), OL Dalton Freeman (knee), OL Nick Mangold (shoulder), DL Muhammad Wilkerson (knee), OL Willie Colon (calf), WR David Nelson (illness).


Out: TE Joseph Fauria  (ankle), CB Cassius Vaughn (ankle), LB Travis Lewis (quad),
Doubtful: S Don Carey (hamstring), T LaAdrian Waddle (calf).
Questionable: WR Calvin Johnson (ankle), FB Montell Owens (hamstring).
Probable: DE Ezekiel Ansah (knee), DT Nick Fairly (biceps), Joique Bell (knee), S James Ihedigbo(neck), DE George Johnson (groin), RB Theo Riddick (hamstring).



3 Keys to Attacking the Defense:

Christa Levitas: 1. Ball security is a must, Geno can’t afford to turnover the ball and give the ball to Stafford. 2. Jets have to be more effective in the red zone and score more touchdowns. Jets have three big tight ends that can be used in the red zone. 3. The Lions have a great defense, the offensive lineman have to do an effective job at protecting and blocking for the Geno Smith.

Robert Melofchik: 1. Make the offense simple for Geno Smith. Run the ball to take the pressure off Smith. If you run the ball enough, this will help Smith and give you an option of play-action passes. Leave a running back on passing downs in the backfield to block. That will help young offense linemen Brian Winters. Use the tight ends more.

Ryan Gopen: The Lions defense isn’t a cupcake defense. There a very good one. The keys are for Geno to make smart throws and choices. Basically no turnovers at all and for Marty to make smart play calls during third down situations. Jeremy Kerley will have a big day against the Lions. Him and Geno have great Connection going and I want to see that continue against the Lions.

 What Jets offensive player is set have big day?

Christa Levitas: Chris Ivory

Robert Melofchik: Geno Smith

Lions Defense Report:

Christa Levitas: The Lions are currently ranked as #1 overall in defense. This is going to be challenge to Geno Smith since he’s going to be faced with a great defense who can cover, stop the run, and can to the quarterback when needed and most likely one of the best defenses he will face all year. The Lions have a playmakers such as Ndamukong Suh and Nick Failey. Another key player on the Lions is Ziggy Anasah, who a great pass rusher for the Lions.

Robert Melofchik: Solid defense line maybe mirror image of the Jets.Linebacker and secondary a little soft.

Ryan Gopen : The Lions defense is a top 5. Their secondary isn’t the strongest but there front 7 and especially there line makes up for it. The offense line has to be ready to clash with the lions.


3 Keys to Stopping the Bears Offense:

Christa Levitas: 1. The Lions have a lot of weapons that the Jets secondary are going to have to cover. One of their biggest challenges is how their secondary is going to cover Calvin Johnson who is a wide receiver that normally gets double coverage. With limited CB’s Rex Ryan must find a way to cover all the weapons the Lions have on offense.2. The Jets defense have to catch picks and create turnovers. A lot of the criticism about the Jets secondary is that there is nobody that can catch.3. The biggest strength of the Jets defense is their ability to stop the run. The Jets defense cannot allow Bush or Bell to gain major yardage.

Robert Melofchik: The Jets have win the battle in the trenches.Force the Lions to keep a running in for protection.This will take one less player the Jets will have to cover.Also the pass rush with the Linebackers setting edge will disrupt the quarterback.Forcing the quarterback to turn the ball over.

Ryan Gopen:  We must double Megatron. He’s the best WR in the game and he will tear us up if not covered correctly. Reggie Bush won’t do anything against our rush and we will shut down there Tight Ends. Coples will have the best game on our defense.

What Jets defensive player will make largest impact:

Christa Levitas:  Demario Davis

Robert Melofchik: Sheldon Richardson

Lions Offense Report:

Christa Levitas: Lions have a playmakers on offense. One of their most impressive weapon is Calvin Johnson who is not only an elite wide receiver but his ability to catch balls makes teams have to double team in order to cover and stop. Johnson is an impressive wide receiver who will test and challenge the Jets secondary. Johnson recently has mentioned, how he is looking forward to getting single high coverage. Another addition is to their wide receiver core is Golden Tate who was signed during free agency. Just like the Jets, the Lions have two great running backs in Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. These two are like the Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson of the Lion’s run game. Another impact player, the Jets should look out for is the Lions first round pick Eric Ebron, who is an added weapon to the Lions offense.

Robert Melofchik: The offense line hit with injuries and weak.They have a shaky quarterback.They have great weapons but struggle in protection.


Christa Levitas: Jets win! 30-27

Robert Melofchik: Jets 24-20

Ryan Gopen: The score prediction will be 27-10 Lions.

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