Fantasy Football: QBs to Start, QBs to Sit

Locker Room Update takes an inside look on which quarterbacks are set to put up big numbers, and which you should avoid starting on your roster for Week 9.



Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben put up the second 500+ yard passing game of his career last week against the Indianapolis Colts. Looking at the pass defense rankings between both last week’s Colts and this week’s Ravens, you find that the numbers are very similar, ranking 21st and 22nd, respectively. The Steelers offense has been inconsistent this year, but doubt the team once they find a groove at your own peril. Roethlisberger is perhaps the most underrated quarterback in the league, and never fails to show up in a big way in primetime games. Look for big numbers from the big signal-caller.

Andrew Luck

This is an obvious number producer. However, with the porous Giants defense opposing him, look for Luck to get his team back on track in a big way through the air. Even in defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh last week, he still managed 400 yards and three touchdowns. Colts fan may not have been overly excited at the outcome, but Luck’s fantasy owners probably didn’t have many issues. In fact, he’s been the most consistent Fantasy quarterback this season, alongside Peyton Manning. Look for that trend to continue against a defense that simply doesn’t have the tools to stop him.

Tom Brady

Brady against Peyton should be yet another exciting episode to the quarterback rivalry. While both are primed to put up big numbers, the Patriots pass defense has quietly become a force to be reckoned with, as it now stand as the second best in the league. Denver’s defense is much improved, but I’d put money on Brady being able to reach and surpass Rivers’ success against through the air, especially with the veteran signal-caller coming off a game in which his incompletions number equalled the touchdowns he threw. That’s scary.


Tony Romo

I’m not suggesting any quarterback against the Cardinals defense, other than maybe Peyton Manning. And Tony Romo is no Peyton Manning. The Dallas quarterback has been solid this season, but the fact of the matter is that his success is greatly aided by the running game. On top of that, after coming back into the game against Redskins following his injury, he played like….well, like he was hurt. He’s a tough quarterback, and he’ll start this week, but I certainly wouldn’t count on him putting up great Fantasy numbers.

Austin Davis

If you picked Davis up towards the beginning of the season, I”m sure it was only because you had to. And then I’m sure he surprised you with the solid numbers that he’s put up against good defenses so far this season. However, following a dismal performance against the Chiefs, I would be wary of starting him against San Francisco. The 49ers haven’t fully been their usual selves on defense, but a bye week has given the players plenty of rest. Without any momentum from the Rams’ quarterback coming into this game, I’d be looking to start someone else…anyone else.

Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins quarterback has had a very inconsistent season, which doesn’t bode well for his fantasy owners. Against the Jaguars, he failed to break the 200 yard clip, and only threw for one touchdown. When they face the San Diego Chargers, don’t expect those numbers to climb much higher against a team that needs a morale booster over an AFC opponent. Tannehill is a serviceable game-manager and, at times, can be more. But I’d be looking towards another quarterback to start this week.

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