Jets Primed to Use Percy Harvin Far Better than Seattle

New York Jets-

Did the Seahawks Use Harvin Correctly?

Percy Harvin numbers, while a Viking, was much more productive than he was with the Seahawks. The Jets could use him as wide receiver more and get the most out of him.


According to Star Ledger Darryl Slater, Harvin on playing Wide Receiver:

“I think as a wide receiver, you want to run wide receiver routes,” Harvin said. “So we’ve definitely been doing that here. I’m very excited about it.”

“It’s a challenge for me, just because I haven’t done it in a while, or people think I haven’t done it before,” he said. “I’m just looking to go out there and be a complete player. I always had the reverses and the fly sweeps and all those things. I feel I can do that at any given time. My next step is to start playing receiver and doing those types of things.”

The Jets could be a great fit with the Jets. Harvin wants to play more outside WR than gadget plays. He’s got a nine game show to prove his abilities to the NFL and the Jets.

Harvin as an Upgrade in the Return Game:

Harvin is going to return kickoffs. What about punt returns? Harvin has not returned punts since high school.

Harvin On Punt Returning:

“I have been practicing it here,” Harvin said. “Once I get it down pat, we’ll see. I think the biggest part is just learning the trajectory of the ball, the way it comes down. Sometimes, it hangs in the air, or it drifts right. For me, it’s just getting comfortable with catching it, and having people shoot at my legs. It’s definitely different from kick return, but I’ll keep practicing it and see what happens.”

What can Jets Fans Expect from Harvin?

He can serve as a deep threat who can stretch the defense, and that helps in the running game. He’s got great hands as well; according to Pro Football Focus, he has 22 catches this season, compared to zero drops.

Harvin in the Locker Room:

Expect Harvin to be a good teammate. I noticed the negative press on Harvin happened after the trade. The Seahawks have issues in their locker room that go beyond Harvin. I found it interesting ex-Viking Chris Klune says Harvin is “a chill guy.” Eagles’ Chris Margos, former Seahawk, says he’s a good guy as well. Also, a few players on the Seahawks were mad over the trade.

Don’t let the media judge a young player. Let’s see how this works out with Jets first.


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