Christa’s Scouting Report: Eric Striker

Overview: Striker is currently a junior who plays outside linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners. Striker is an impact playmaker who plays a strong role for the Oklahoma Sooners defense. His great pass-rushing ability makes him a force to be reckon with. He had recorded 3 sacks during the Sugar Bowl in 2013 against Alabama, which helped him rise as a potential prospect linebacker. Striker currently has 34 tackles and 5.5 sacks throughout his career as a Sooner. He is also tied with one of Oklahoma’s legends Brian Bosworth in most career sacks.


Strengths: An extremely athletic player who displays great speed and awareness. Can easily blitz and get pressure on the quarterback. Versatile, at times the defensive coordinator has him playing in the nickel. Can easily be converted to multiple positions in the NFL such as inside linebacker.

Weaknesses: Lacks ideal size. Has to work on his tackling in open space, at times he is more focused on attacking the ball than his tackling.

My NFL comparison: Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

Projected Round (2015): Between a 2nd and a 3rd round draft pick.

Bottom Line: Perfect for an NFL team who needs a young pass rush to add onto to their roster. Striker has all of the physical tools to be a successful outside linebacker in the NFL. His speed and athleticism makes him a great addition to any NFL team.

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