Coach Fisher is Using Carmelo Anthony the Right Way

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Derek Fisher is Using Carmelo Anthony the Right Way:

Derek Fisher is managing Carmelo Anthony minutes so he has energy at the end of games. So far, it’s working, and Anthony has the energy to hit good final shots, resulting in wins over the Cavs and Hornets.

During the Cavs game, Anthony sat for the first 5:26 of the fourth quarter. He finished the game by scoring nine points, including a game-sealing jumper.

During the Hornets game, Anthony sat for the first 3:35 of the fourth. Anthony entered with 8:25 to go and made an immediate impact. He helped the Knicks take the lead by hitting two turnaround jumpers that came 50 seconds apart.

According to ESPN Ian Begley,

Coach Fisher On Managing Anthony’s Minutes,

“I think it’s important to allow for a guy like Carmelo that is a great closer, a great finisher of games, to have the energy level to do so,” Fisher said.

Fisher has vowed to be smart with his usage of Anthony this season. He said in the preseason that he didn’t want to “abuse” the 12-year veteran.

Comparing Anthony’s Minutes:

It’s only two games, but Anthony has played an average of 34.5 minutes, including 7:30 in the fourth quarter.

Last year under Mike Woodson Anthony played a career-high 38.7 minutes per game, including 8:30 in the fourth quarter. He played at least 35 minutes in 62 of his 77 games.

Positive Energy

Phil Jackson, the Knicks’ new president since March, has changed the culture in the Knicks Locker room. Jackson made major changes to the roster in the offseason. He traded Knicks center and point guard Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton. Then he fired coach Mike Woodson.

According to ESPN Ian Begley,

Anthony On Team Energy

“I think just overall, not pointing anything out, but just overall from day one last year the energy was just not right,” Anthony said after practice on Monday. “This year, you could just feel the total difference stepping into this gym, talking to guys, talking to the staff, talking to the players. Everybody has a newfound energy so it’s just a lot different now.”

So why did the Knicks have “bad energy” last season?

“I won’t go into details. It’s deeper than us going out and losing basketball games,” Anthony said. “For whatever reason, it happened. We looked at that. The organization looked at that. And they made some great changes.”

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