And Wilson Hands off to BeastMode for the Win! ….. Or Not?

Jermaine Kearse made what was supposed to be the play that everyone talked about. He made the play that won Seattle the Super Bowl.

Or, we thought he did.  With time ticking down in the final two minutes of the Super Bowl and the New England Patriots desperately clinging to a 28-24 lead, Kearse made a bobbling catch, falling to ground before re-securing the ball. It would put the Seahawks within clear striking distance for the game-winning score.

brady wins

What was surprising from New England was the lack of any timeouts called with just a minute ticking away. Bill Belichick seemed content to let the New England defense conduct a goal-line stand, without giving the offense another shot.

And with 30 seconds remaining in the game, Seattle found itself just one yard away from winning the game. One yard.  With one of the best running backs in the NFL at its disposal.

The options are there, but the decision is clear. Isn’t it?

But we know how the story-line unfolded.  We know it wasn’t Marshawn Lynch’s number that was called on what would be the final play Seattle’s offense would run in the game.  Because it it had been, history would remember this game in a very different limelight.

Instead, the pass play was anticipated and intercepted.

And while Patriots fans are celebrating their team’s fourth Super Bowl in the last 14 years, Seattle fans are sitting there wondering what could have been.


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