Christa’s Scouting Report: Andrus Peat

Overview: Andrus Peat is a junior from Stanford who was a 5 star prospect that got numerous offers from the top schools for football. Comes from an athletic family, where his father Todd Peat played in the NFL for the Cardinals, St.Louis, and the Los Angeles Raiders during his 6-year career.

Andrus Peat

Strengths: A solid run and pass blocker who has the tools to be a day 1 starter. Great size. An intelligent football player. Has great strength and ideal size. Good athleticism and knows how to work with his body. Durability.

Weaknesses: Could improve on his technique. Footwork could use some work. Needs to work on being better blocker against the run game.

My NFL Comparison: Jets left tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson. Why Ferguson? Both Ferguson and Peat are solid players who do everything well. Like Ferguson, Peat can easily be a day 1 starter for any NFL team in need of an offensive lineman.

Projected Round (2015): Between a mid 1st round pick to an early 2nd round pick.

Bottom Line: A day 1 starter who can make an immediate impact for a team in need of an offensive lineman. Peat is a good solid overall player who can help strengthen a team offensive line. Perfect for a team looking to add young solid players to their line.

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