Christa’s Scouting Report: Bryce Petty

Overview: Bryce Petty is a red shirt senior from Baylor University. In 2015, Petty was awarded offensive MVP during the Cotton Bowl. Petty will enter the draft with a college career of 62 touchdowns and 8,195 yards.


Strengths: Great leader with a high football IQ. Has the ideal arm for an NFL quarterback. A competitive athlete who can throw a deep ball. Has the ideal size. Knows how to use his legs to gain more yardage. Has good accuracy.

Weaknesses: At times stares down wide receivers. Has little to no experience taking snaps under center. Concerns that he may be a product of Baylor’s one read system in college. Needs to learn how to read defenses better.

My NFL Comparison: Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, why Garoppolo? Both have similar strengths and weaknesses to one another. Both have a great arm who can make throws and both are great leaders.

Projected Round (2015): In my opinion he is between a 4th to a 5th round draft pick, however their are plenty of teams in the NFL that are still looking for quarterbacks that can push Petty as high to a mid 2nd round pick.

Bottom Line: Petty has the tools and the intangibles to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Coaches have to ease Petty in to their system to help him flourish as a potential starter. His perfect fit would be a team that needs added competition at the quarterback position or has an established quarterback in place where Petty can sit and learn.

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