Christa’s Scouting Report: Gerod Holliman

Overview: Gerod Holliman is a red-shirt sophomore from Louisville. In 2014, he was awarded the Jim Thrope award which is an award giving out to talented defensive player in college football. He will enter the draft with a college career of 14 interceptions for 245 return yards.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Louisville

Strengths: Great ball skills, able to catch the ball. Aggressive, can hit. A ball-hawk at safety. Outstanding instincts and can read plays. Great footwork and great coverage. Does well and is able to match up against wide receivers.

Weaknesses: Has a habit of missing tackles, more focused on hitting. Lack of experience as a starter. Most of his production came from his final year at Louisville. Durability, lack of size. Can’t stop the run, teams in college had success running against him.

My NFL Comparison: Former Colt LaRon Landry. Why Landry? Both Holliman and Landry have similar traits. Both are ball-hawks and great hitters who have the ability to make big plays.

Projected Round (2015): A between a 4th pick to a mid 5th round pick.

Bottom Line: Holliman shows some flashes of being a potential starter at safety. Can flourish under the right coaching staff. Needs to work on his coverage and tackling in order to be a more successful safety in the NFL. Great value for a team in need of an potential impact player during the mid round.

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