Christa’s Scouting Report: Malcolm Agnew

Overview: Malcolm Agnew is a senior from Southern Illinois, who transferred from Oregon State. During his first two years at Oregon State, he had 6 touchdowns and 652 receiving yards. When made the choice to play for Southern Illinois he became the team’s leading rusher.


Strengths: A great pass catcher who catch out of the backfield. Explosive at running back. A true speedster type back. Great footwork. Aggressive, fights for extra yardage. A shifty runner who shows great burst. A smart football player.

Weaknesses: Vision, at times can get inpatient. His small frame makes it dangerous for him to run on the inside. Durability, battled with injuries throughout college.

NFL Comparison: Giants running back Shane Veeran. Why Veeran? Both Veeran and Agnew both have similar build and both have similar characteristics to one another. Both are fast and are able to make to catch and make plays off of the backfield.

Projected Round (2015): A 7th round draft pick to a potential undrafted free agent.

Bottom Line: Agnew is a true 3rd down back who is an explosive runner. The perfect fit for him would be a team looking for a speedster type at running back, to help compliment their starting running back.

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