Evaluating Jets 3rd round pick Lorenzo Mauldin

Overview: Lorenzo Mauldin is a linebacker from Louisville, who is currently on the New York Jets. In 2015, he was one of the players invited to play in the Senior Bowl. during his college career, he had 76 tackles and 20.5 sacks.


Strengths: A tough, smart football player who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Versatile, can be moved around. Knows how to get to the quarterback. Never takes off plays, always great effort on every play. Great and productive at stopping the run. A very strong football player. A great motor and great field vision.

Weaknesses: Lack of ideal size. Needs to learn how to better utilize his hands and improve on playing in space.

How he fits the New York Jets: Mauldin is a versatile linebacker who fits perfectly with the Jets 3-4 system, in which he had great success playing well in during Louisville. He adds toughness to the Jets defense and his high work ethic makes him a great asset to the Jets. Mauldin adds well needed competition at pass rusher to veteran Calvin Pace and Jason Babin. Mauldin skill-sets at pass rusher best fits this type of defense that Todd Bowles plans to run.

My NFL Comparison: St.Louis Ram’s linebacker Akeem Ayers. Why Ayers? Both Mauldin and Ayers are versatile linebackers that can be moved anywhere on the field. Both are great play makers who share similar skill-sets with one another.

Bottom Line: He is a hard worker and a great choice for the Jets during the 3rd round. His skill-sets and versatility will be an asset to Todd Bowles and this defense.

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