Evaluating Jets UDFA Defensive End Deion Barnes

Height 6’4
Weight 255

Overview: Deion Barnes is a Defensive End from Penn State, who is currently on the New York Jets. During his career he had 98 tackles and 14 sacks.

deion barnes

Strengths: Ideal size. A decent athlete who knows how to play in space. Good football awareness. Versatile can also play outside linebacker. Has great football speed, knows how to get to the quarterback. A strong, physical athlete. Great football I.Q., knows how to use his hands. Great character, who has really good technique.

Weaknesses: Needs to improve on his mechanics. A liability against the run. His strength does not translate in games, relies too much on his technique to get the job done. Slow reaction skills.

The case why he would fit the New York Jets: Deion Barnes has the skills and intangibles to be a great player in the next level. The Jets 3-4 defense is perfect for his skill sets, since it plays to his strong suite as an outside linebacker. The biggest problem, he will face trying to make the roster is the amount of talent the Jets have at defense. Where does he belong? He is a perfect candidate for the Jets practice squad, he still needs more time to develop his craft before he can contribute in the next level.

My NFL Comparison: Kamerion Wimbley. Why Wimbley? Both have similar skill sets with one another who another and like Wimbley, Barnes is best playing in a 3-4 defense. Both are versatile and are great athletes.

Bottom Line: He has the skills and potential to be a great player in the next level. Barnes can blossom into a great player under the right coaching staff and the right system. His best fit is a defense who plays a 3-4 system.

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