Evaluating Jets WR Chris Owusu

Overview: Chris Owusu is a wide receiver who has played on multiple teams such as the 49ers, Chargers, and the Buccaneers before he came to the New York Jets. He had his breakout performance for the Jets during his performance against the Miami Dolphins, where he caught a pass for 36 yards, rushed for 23 yards and had a kick-off return for 87 yards.


Strengths: Fast, explosive, A good special teams player. Can stretch out the field and beat defenders with his speed and double moves. Has ability to make big plays on offense. A great athlete. Excellent straight line speed. A tough and a physical football player.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent hands. At times, relies on his body, needs to be a better hand-catcher. Needs to improve on route running.

The case why he would fit the New York Jets: Currently the Jets have four locks at wide receiver that include Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, and Devin Smith which leaves two spots at the wide receiver position at most. Why does Owusu deserve a spot on the roster? The New York Jets are still looking at clear-cut answer at special teams, Owusu proved he can contribute and is consistent after his outstanding performance against the Miami Dolphins. He offers speed, and special team value, two things the Jets could use at this position.

Bottom Line: He has the tools and intangibles to be a great wide receiver on the Jets offense. He has the ability to develop into a solid wide receiver and can be a big time threat on special teams.


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  1. Very informative, I would live if this kid and Shaq filled our last two spots. I like alot of diversity in a Wr core. I think these two would contribute on ST also.

    • Thank you very much! Appreciate it! Same here! Don’t count out Posey, Graham, Enunwa, as well. Evans has a ton of upside as well, I agree!

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