Evaulating Jets TE Kellen Davis

Height: 6’7
Weight 265

Overview: Kellen Davis is a tight end who has played on multiple teams such as the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants and the Detroit Lions before he came to the New York Jets. During his career he had 50 catches for 561 yards and 12 touchdowns.


Strengths: A great blocking tight end. Has ideal size at position. A great athlete and a physical football player. Plays with great strength. Has decent speed. Has the ability to make the difficult catches.

Weaknesses: Not explosive. Could work on his route running. Not fast. Needs to be a more consistent hand catcher.

How he fits the New York Jets: The New York Jets currently do not have a clear cut answer for a blocking tight end on their roster. Davis can find himself battling for the 3rd spot at the tight end position. The Jets currently have Jace Amaro, Jeff Cumberland, Zach Sudfeld, and Wes Saxton fighting for three spots on the roster at that position. How does Davis stand out? He is a proven blocking tight end who has the ability to block and to be a major key component on the Jets offense. He offers a different skill set and much needed skill at blocking that could be considered an option as the for the 3rd spot at that position.

Bottom Line: Although Davis is not a starting caliber tight end, his ability to block can be proven valuable. He has the size and physical traits to be a red zone target as well.

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