Are the New York Jets and RGIII a Perfect Match?

While talking with Locker Room Update’s Robert Melofchik earlier this week, an interesting idea came up in our conversation. The topic in question was Robert Griffin III, the embattled Washington Redskins quarterback. This week, news reports have perhaps revealed an even larger gap between management and the coaching staff in Washington than many of us were led to believe.  Many of these reports indicated that while the coaching staff would like to go a different direction at QB, Dan Snyder is very much adamant that Griffin stays a Redskin (ProFootballTalk).


Add to this mixture is the fact that Kirk Cousins has just been named the starter for 2015 and things have the feeling of moving into motion – potentially resulting in the release of RGIII. If and when that happens, where will his most opportune second chance be? My argument would be the Jets.

New York doesn’t have a proven quarterback at this point in time. Geno Smith is injured and expected to miss the first six weeks. Ryan Fitzpatrick is essentially a journeyman – someone the Jets hope to rely on for the time being, but less as an option for the future, and more as a medium for keeping afloat. The Jets have invested a lot of time and money in their supporting cast for the signal-caller, and they have a strong defense. Yet, in a passing-driven league, the team lacks the key element.


When it comes to RGIII, he’s proven to be a dynamic player when healthy. In my opinion, the last two years of football woes for the Redskins have had much more to do with management and coaching than Griffin’s tangible talent. Head Coach Jay Gruden – and take this from a Bengals beat guy – could be said to be in his position because of his name, not his ability to coach.  As offensive coordinator for the Bengals, he lacked creativity and leadership – and the latter of those two traits is what’s bringing Griffin down in his tenure as Washington’s coach.

Jeff Darlington has already quelled sources of interest towards Griffin in the Jets fanbase with one of his latest updates on Twitter. However, it’s not rare to see a team hide curiosity to protect its allegiance – or at least its perceived allegiance – to a player like Geno Smith, especially if something doesn’t work out. In any regard, things can change. Perhaps a contract restructuring would make a difference.

RGIII has talent.  That much is proven.  A change of scenery, and more importantly, a change in management and coaching, may find beneficial to both him and the team he ends up on. Could the Jets be that team?



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  1. I said before the season I’d take him over geno. In our position now, id trade a 4 or 5 pick for him but his contract would have to be restructured, he’s not worth 16.7mil based on his first 4yrs in the league. Main thing to know before people take this all wrong: I’m not praising RG3 but I’m about having the best options to win. Fitz offers a solid option, petty I think is a project (2-3yrs), I’ve never heard of the QB they signed that used to be on cincy, Matt Flynn i don’t feel is proven

    • I certainly agree with your opinion on this – I think a change of scenery would help RGIII, and I would argue the Jets have a stronger coaching situation that Washington. As a Bengals beat guy, I can that Josh Johnson won’t challenge for playing time – he’s purely a depth guy. And RGIII’s contract is the one variable that I think the Redskins will have to help out with if there’s a potential trade before his contract expires. Without eating some of the cash or restructuring his contract, I don’t foresee anyone pursuing him. But if the team is willing to cut their losses and help out, I think it may be a situation where a team such as the Jets can benefit.

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