Inside the Playbook: Projecting the Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks in 2015

~By Brad O’Neill~

The days of taking a QB in the first round seem to be over in the world of NFL Fantasy, but come rounds 3-5, they all start to fall. Here are my predictions for the Top 5 QB scorers for the 2015 season.

Honorable Mention: Drew Brees


2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 302.98

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 4952 Yds/33 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: 68 Yds/1 TDs

Although Drew Brees just misses making the Top 5 this season, he does take our one and only Honorable Mention spot.

After Jimmy Graham headed off to the Seattle Seahawks, I have been very concerned that Drew will not have the scoring power he needs to compete with the Top 5 this season. Mark Ingram made his mark last year in Fantasy Land and will prove to be Drew’s main source of scoring income this coming season. The New Orleans Saints don’t exactly have alot to work with out wide, therefore, I sense a drop in scoring but not playing ability for Drew. He can only work with what he’s got. Hoping he proves me wrong!

5. Ben Roethlisberger

2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 306.18

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 4952 Yds/32 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: 27 Yds/0 TDs

Ben Roethlisberger has edged out Drew Brees in my Top 5 QB predictions for this season: Roethlisberger is coming off a career-best 4,952 passing yards and 32 touchdowns last season. I think Ben can match last season, relying heavily on the health of reigning WR points leader Antonio Brown. Given the circumstances Drew Brees has encountered with losing personnel this off-season, Big Ben will be safe in spot number 5. And the 3 Fantasy points that separated the two QBs last season (with Brees having 3rd best TE scorer Jimmy Graham in his team) indicate that Big Ben is in!

4. Peyton Manning


2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 312.68

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 4727 Yds/39 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: -24 Yds/0 TDs

Peyton Manning comes in at Number 4. The future hall of famer may of lost a weapon in Julius Thomas, but the immobile QB star can still rely on his arm to hit up anybody in position.

He’s coming off a 2014 season in which he recorded 4,727 passing yards to go along with 39 TDs and 15 picks. He should keep his number 4 spot this season. Although injury, resting and age will eventually take its toll, don’t be surprised if Big Ben takes his place. But a healthy Peyton means staying at 4.

3. Russell Wilson

2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 327.60

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 3475 Yds/20 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: 849 Yds/6 TDs

Coming in at Number 3, Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks star had a solid season last year, and should’ve had a ring. That won’t mentally affect his game. He will throw it, he will run it and he will score for your Fantasy Team, especially with such a strong outfit around him. If Wilson can have another 300 yards by hand and 3-5 touchdowns to add to his League-best QB rushing stats, then this man may just be able to challenge the ‘Golden Two’ as top dog in QB Fantasy Land. With the addition of Ex-Saint Superstar Jimmy Graham at TE, look for Wilson to target the red-zone more frequently instead of handing it off to Marshawn Lynch.

2. Aaron Rodgers

2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 354.14

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 4381 Yds/38 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: 269 Yds/2 TDs

In the Number 2 spot this year I have Aaron Rodgers. The 2014 MVP was the sole leader of the most efficient offense in the league last season. He racked up 4,381 passing yards and a spectacular 38:5 touchdown to interception ratio. However, despite the incredible use he has in terms of Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb & Eddie Lacy (3rd, 6th & 6th in overall fantasy points for their positions) I feel like my next selection may just get him in points this season. I’m picking Aaron to still go first off the board in most leagues this season.

1. Andrew Luck

2014 Season Breakdown:

Fantasy Point Total: 351.74

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: 4761 Yds/40 TDs

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: 273 Yds/3 TDs

The team at ITPB think it is a brave decision to be backing in Andrew Luck to overtake 2014/15 MVP Aaron Rodgers this season, but the stats show that Luck is a little closer to being top dog than you think.

Last season, Luck threw more passing yards and had more rushing yards than Rodgers. He also threw and rushed more TDs. The fall to Lucks game was his 16 picks thrown and 6 fumbles. Rodgers had just the 5 picks and 2 fumbles. Now considering there was only a 3 pt overall differential between the two, add Andre Johnson, Phillip Dorsett & Frank Gore to T.Y. Hilton,Donte Moncrief & TE duo Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener and all of a sudden you have a group of guys ready to take on Rodgers and his Big 3.

If Luck improves his efficiency, I can’t see anyone but him being the highest scoring Fantasy QB come the end of the season.

Let us know what you think!