Ohio State Fans Walk 19 Miles to Spell Out “Ohio” on Google Maps

While the football team at Ohio State is preparing to defend their 2014 championship, Buckeyes fans are keeping up their end of the bargain in the support category.

Photo credit: Ohio State Buckeyes

Photo credit: Ohio State Buckeyes

According to CBS Sports, a group of passionate – if that word carries enough meaning – Buckeyes fans walked a total of 19 miles in order to spell out “Ohio” on Google Maps. Check out the article, complete with the final product, here.

According to the article, the trek took the Ohio State fans a total of 6.5 hours to complete. And, just as the Best Damn Band in the Land does during halftime, they certainly didn’t fail to dot the “i,” making an entire extra trip to make that tradition a reality – which they finished at Ohio Stadium.

Your move, Michigan.



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