Christa’s Scouting Report: Cody Kessler

Height: 6’1
Weight: 215

Overview: Cody Kessler is a red-shirt senior who plays Quarterback in a west coast offense for the University of Southern California. As a starting quarterback for USC, he has won numerous of awards such as being named Las Vegas Bowl MVP in 2013, USC Trojan Way Leadership award. He was also one of the finalists for the Manning Award, which is an award that giving by being selected as one of the top quarterbacks.

Kessler Pic 2

Strengths: Displays great accuracy on his throws. Extremely accurate on his short-range throws. Good game manager, smart, does not make many boneheaded move on the field. A true pocket passer, displays good pocket awareness. Did not commit many turnovers in a college level. Has improved year by year stats wise.

Weaknesses: Can throw deep, however it has no zip. It flutters. Has a habit of staying in the pocket too long. At times overthrows to open wide receivers. Very little mobility to his game. Size may be a concern to his game translating into the NFL.

My NFL Comparison: Former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington. Why Pennington? Like Pennington, Kessler is a great game manager who displays great football I.Q. Both knows to manage football games, however both struggle with the deep ball.

Projected Round (2016): Between a 3rd round pick to a 4th round pick. A potential heisman candidate who could possibly be taking higher because of his skillsets and the overall demand for young potential franchise quarterbacks.

Bottom Line: Kessler has the tools and intangibles to potentially blossom into a solid quarterback moving forward. He is a great game manager, with a high I.Q. who knows how to manage football games.

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