I’m Not a Jets Fan. But…

As the title states, I’m not a Jets fan. I’m a loyal, all-or-nothing, diehard Bengals fan. I always have been, and I always will be. As a college student, I grew up watching the legitimate rivalry between the Jets and Patriots seemingly every other year in the playoffs, mostly because there was nothing doing with Cincinnati. And who doesn’t love a good football blood feud?


Despite the loss to the Jets the last time Palmer took us to the playoffs – a loss that now seems so far removed – I never had a reason to dislike the Jets. Still, I found myself rooting for them as the postseason underdog when I was a kid. But that’s not to say I really, honestly liked them.

These Jets are different.

It’s a different team. Rex Ryan, defensive genius as he may be, is no longer using New York as a platform for his antics. Well, at least not the Jets realm of New York. Todd Bowles bring personality to the team, without the publicity. It’s the type of fly-under-the-radar, no-nonsense program that epitomizes what a team should be made of.

Barring a few individual locker room incidents, this is a Jets team that seems to be forming a new name for itself. Darrelle Revis is quietly better than Richard Sherman (that’s right, I said it), the tandem of Ivory and Powell is grossly underrated, and I think that Monday’s win in Indy is as indicative of the Jets success as it is of the Colts failures.

And I promise I’m not just saying that because Marshall, Ivory, and the Jets defense are on my Fantasy Football team.

New York is a tough-love city. At times, the teams of the Big Apple can be made to look like big trainwrecks. The media is relentless, and the expectations sometimes surpass realism. Part of that is because of the giant market that comes with being associated with the city. And part of it, most certainly, is because there was never any doubt that New York really, really loves its sports teams. The passion is commendable – extraordinary, even.

And this is a new team. A new group of Jets.

I’m not a Jets fan, and I don’t love them.

But I could grow to like them.

Let us know what you think!