Chicago Bears Get Ready for the Draft

With the draft not even 24 hours away, teams and fans together are watching all the college tape they can. While there are the obvious picks like Myles Jack and DeForest Buckner, there are others that lie in the dirt. Karl Joseph would be a very nice pick for Chicago in the first round.

Joseph only played in the first five games of the season before tearing his ACL, which drops his value. Although in those five games, he was only targeted a total of 12 times in his zone, in those 12 targets, Joseph recorded five interceptions and one pass deflection. That gives Karl an outstanding disruption rate of 50%, and if he can manage to do that over an entire NFL career then he could go down as one of the greatest safeties of all time. Not only does he look scary good in coverage, he also attended West Virginia with Chicago Bears former first round pick, Kevin White.


In the second round of the draft, Connor Cook should still be on the board. Cook comes from Michigan State University, so he’s used to the cold weather already. Cook has good arm talent and is an aggressive gunslinger like Jay Cutler and Drew Brees. The only fault that lies with Cook is that he makes some bone-headed plays like Jay Cutler.

However, if he is given a few years to grow and learn the game, he could eventually be a consistent top ten quarterback. Especially with the two towers in Chicago such as Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White. Cook is also familiar with Chicago’s starting running back and MSU’s former running back, Jeremy Langford. Cook would already have some authority when he would step in for Cutler, being as Langford likely already respects him as a leader.

Shawn Oakman from Baylor stands at six feet and eight inches tall. He played defensive end for the Baylor Bears in college. Baylor runs a 4-3 system, so Oakman would already be too small for Chicago’s 3-4 defense as a defensive end.

There is a chance that Chicago could let Oakman switch to outside linebacker, as Oakman would compare to Julius Peppers for the Green Bay Packers. He might be another good pass rusher from the outside and once he develops the skill to drop into coverage effectively with his six foot eight frame and massive wingspan he could potentially be a top linebacker in the league. If Chicago were to draft Oakman in the third or fourth round of the draft as a project player it should pay off big time in two or three years.

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