LRU Spotlight: Interview with Free Agent Defensive Lineman, Jeff Clermond

Jeff Clermond is a free agent defensive lineman out of Texas State University. In his most recent season with the Texas Revolution of the Arena Football League, he started four games and appeared in three others, posting 14 tackles, three tackles for a loss, a sack, and five quarterback pressures. He also added three pancake blocks to his senior highlight reel.


Jeff took some time to speak to myself and Locker Room Update about his career background in football, as well as his aspirations in the sport. Check it out!


When did you first fall in love with playing football?

I first fell in love with football when I moved to the US and had to find another sport that had as much contact as hockey.

Who was your role model in football when you were growing up, and who was your role model outside of the sport during your childhood?

My role model in football has always been Warren Sapp. He was always my favorite player and had so much fun playing. Outside of the sport, I didn’t have a particular role model. My mom raised my right with great morals and values. I’ve never really looked at another person to determine how I am or how I act. That’s what you get with a very independent mother.

What’s the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you?

To believe in myself and my abilities. And to never let the next man determine/depict your actions.

Why choose Texas State?

Great school, great people. My best offer after a few big schools passed on me.

Who in the NFL do you see as a role model for what you want to accomplish in football, and why?

Definitely my boy Von Miller. Despite the tough times, missed opportunities, people telling him he wouldn’t make it. Despite the doubt, negativity, people telling him he would slip up or wasn’t worth the 2nd overall pick. Now look at him. Definitely inspiration for another kid from Desoto.

If an NFL scout were to walk up to you and give you ten seconds to sell yourself, what would you say?

You’re getting a player that is intelligent  (on & off the field) handles his business (on & off the field) has unmatched work ethic (on & off the field) 100% A1 character. Makes his teammates better.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

If not playing professional football, owning my own construction company, having my Master’s in industrial engineering and hopefully a beautiful family to share it with.

And to close, what’s the most important thing about you off the field that makes you a better player on the field?

Accountability, the greatest of all abilites. You don’t have to worry about me doing what I said I would do. It’ll get done, no questions asked, no excuses. I carry the same mentality to the field. I have to do my job, my 1/11th and do it to the best of my ability. It puts a sense of trust in your teammates and coaches and there’s no better feeling than when your coaches and teammates are willing to let you loose because they know you’re going to your job done.

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