LRU Spotlight: Interview with Trevor Goulet, Don Lugo Center and Defensive End

Trevor Goulet is a center and defensive end for Don Lugo High School. He took the time to speak with Locker Room Update about his career background in football, as well as his aspirations in the sport — check it out as part of locker Room Update’s Don Lugo edition.
trevor goulet
When did you first fall in love with playing football?
At the age of 8, my second year of Pop-Warner football. I disliked playing football at first because I wasn’t used to all the conditioning and contact.
Who was your role model in football when growing up, and who was your role model outside of
the sport during your childhood?
Growing up, Dick Buktus, the Chicago Bears linebacker, was the player I looked up to because he was the hardest hitting player in the league, also the nastiest, everyone was afraid of him. Outside of football, my dad has always been my role model. My dad was and always will be my inspiration because he taught me the true meaning of hard work, integrity, and selflessness.
What’s the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you?
The most inspirational thing a coach has ever told me was, What’s your why? What’s your purpose of playing the way you play? Make that purpose your fuel to do everything in life, not just football.
As a player in the 2017 class, how has the recruiting process been thus far? Any particular interesting visits or surprising occurrences you’d like to address?
The recruiting process is always difficult, NCSA makes it a bit easier however. I visited the University of Jamestown in North Dakota. It was a great school, the campus was beautiful and you can tell every student in the school is apart of the Jimmie family. Azusa Pacific University and Wayne State University showed interest in me after receiving the Offensive Lineman MVP award at a SoCal Elite football camp.
Do you have a dream situation for your college career?
I don’t necessarily have a dream for my college situation, I just want to help the football team and my future school as much as I can.
As a center and defensive end, how does having a role on each line affect the play on the other side of the ball? How does your mindset change moving from the one position to the other?
Playing center since I was 8 years old really helped me obtain an understanding of how things work on the offensive line and how to have and keep control of a game from a lineman’s perspective. Playing defensive tackle and defensive end really helps me understand a defense’s gap alignment and control. It also helps me make the right calls on the offensive side of the ball.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In 5 years, I see myself graduating a four-year university, majoring in business management.
And to close, what’s the most important thing about you off the field that makes you a better
on the field?
I believe my football IQ is a huge advantage of mine that makes me a better player on the field. Having a new head coach and him inputting his new offense, some of the players are still getting used to the new play calls and formations. When we have team meetings, my coaches don’t let me answer any questions when we draw up plays and go over blocking assignments, I have more of an understanding of how our blocking schemes work because I use to be apart of a team that ran a similar offense. I love knowing what each player’s job is on each play so I know what the offensive line has to do and where the cutback lane will be, or even passing lanes.

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