LRU Sptlight: Interview with NFL Prospect, Jerimiah Spicer

Overview: Jerimiah Spicer is a versatile football player who has the ability to play defensive line, outside and inside linebacker and special teams. In 2014, he played for the Socal Coyotes. He came from homeless downtown Los Angeles to living with his grandma to living in foster homes and group homes to becoming an NFL prospect. He is a hungry and inspiring football player who is looking to make a name for himself. He has great instincts as a player. In 2017, he will be joining Team America where he will have an opportunity to show off his skills to scouts.

Jerimiah Spicer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jerimiah, during which time he told me more about his background, his personality and his overall love for football.

Christa: What was it like playing for the Socal Coyotes? What was the process like for being selected into their program?

JS: I am a Diamond in the rough. Playing for the Coyotes turned me into a man. I am a public figure. Being selection to the Coyotes in 2014 was history. We changed the way people look at us. The State Senate recognized us. We are a Blue Collar Developmental pro football program #1 in a America. When I was selected I sat down with head coach Miller and we discussed Our visions we had a lot in common as he was looking for straight d1 talent I fit right in.

C: I read that you signed with Team America Football for 2017. How excited are you about the opportunity of continuing playing football and showcasing your skills with them?

JS: I am very excited to play for America in 2017 with all the Coach Zen Bliss He has a great vison as well and believes in me. NFL and CFL scouts will be in attendance in central Florida.

C: How do you plan on making yourself stand out and noticed by NFL scouts?

JS: I am a diamond in the rough so I have a chip on my shoulder I fell through the crack due to homelessness parentless none to turn to. My mom passed away and haven’t talked to my dad in years. I will not take no for an answer I will not give up its a fire burning inside of me. I am marketable. The kids love me, everywhere I go. I’ve spoke to over 25000 kids already. All I have to do is keep balling out greatness can’t go unnoticed. God got me. I’ve been talking to the LA Rams special teams coach, He said keep showing my face.

C: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

JS: My strength and weakness is myself. Weakness is having no self knowledge and self control.

C: What separates you from the other players at your position?

JS: What’s separates me is that I have something inside of me that’s hungry for greatness I play outside linebacker, inside linebacker, DLINE and special teams. Special teams is a big deal and a lot players don’t like to play it or don’t know how. I am a versatile smart and relentless. I have great instincts due to surviving in the streets on my own. Adversity makes me better it can’t break me.

C: Which current or former NFL player do you think you resemble, and why?

JS: Derrick Thomas because he plays both linebacker and defensive line. and gives backs to the kids and the community. Good at heart.

C: You have mentioned that you were doing a camp with the Arizona Cardinals on the 7th to train kids. How important is for you to get kids involved in football, and do you have any more events planned coming up?

JS: The kids are very important they are the future of us. I don’t want them going through what I went through. So I give my community service. My cousins Chris & Greg Williams from New Orleans are running it with Tyrann Mathieu. They invited me. I just did a skills camp with them and NFL #1 QB Cam Newton. Greg and Chris run NFL Flag Football San Diego.

C: You have been through a lot during your childhood. How has football helped you become the person you are today?

JS: Football kept me out the streets kept me busy taught me self control, patients how to channel negative energy. Football turned me in a man. Football is like school. It teaches lessons.

C: What is the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you in your college career?

JS: If I want to make it to the NFL I got to play Special teams “Darren Cheiverini now at Colorado State University coaching. I’m just trying to become legendary that’s on itinerary at least before the cemetery. Let me be the reason you focus on education. Let show you how you can grow through this meditation let me use this gift that I got for some motivation.

Locker Room Update would like to thank Jerimiah Spicer for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey as an NFL prospect.

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