LRU Spotlight: Interview with 2017 NFL Draft Prospect, Ruben Demosthene

Height: 6’4
Weight: 245

Overview: Ruben Demosthene is a senior who is a defensive end and outside linebacker for Southern Nazarene University. He is a great athlete who has good speed, and he knows how to get to the quarterback.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Ruben, during which time he told me more about his background, his personality and his overall love for football.

C: For the people who do not know your story, how did you wind up choosing Southern Nazarene University?

RD: It’s actually a pretty long story. Before attending SNU, I was a Tornado over at Brevard College in North Carolina but ended up having to leave due to grades. Around that time, one of my good friends was being recruited by SNU but he ended up going signing with another school but he told SNU about my situation and they reached out, loved my film and ended up recruiting me.

C: How do you plan on making yourself stand out and noticed by NFL scouts?

RD: There are thousands of guys trying to achieve the same goal as I am, but I intend to let my work ethic and my determination speak for itself. Along with my size and athleticism, I plan on using my speed to help me achieve that goal.

C: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

RD: My strengths are my size, speed, athleticism and determination. Also, I am very ambitious and my work ethic is very strict and I am willing to always learn more. My weaknesses is also my size and the fact that I sometimes over work myself.

C: What separates you from the other players at your position?

RD: The fact that I can play both defensive end and outside linebacker is one of my advantages. One thing that separates me from others at my position is that I know that there is always room for improvement and I am always willing to learn. I’m always working, whether that be on the field or off.

C: Which current or former NFL player do you think you resemble and why?

RD: I have been told that I resemble Demarcus Ware quite often but one current NFL player I think I resemble is Jason Pierre Paul because not only am I Haitian but we both have overcome a lot of adversity but we never let what people say or what they think affect the outcome because at the end of the day, with God by your side, nothing is impossible.

C: Who is the toughest player you’ve ever faced in your college career?

RD: That’s a tough one. I’ve played in 2 different conferences and I’ve seen a lot of great and tough players so I can’t really choose one.

C: When did you first fall in love with playing football?

RD: I started playing football in 7th grade because growing up, I couldn’t play pop warner because I was “too big”. I didn’t really fall in love with football until my freshman year though.

C: How do you prepare for game day? Do you have any game day rituals?

RD: The day before game day is usually my ice bath/pre-game day. On game day, as soon as I wake up I thank God for giving me another day to be great & I lock down ASAP. I watch a couple Eric Thomas motivational videos then I throw my Beats headphones on & zone in & get my mind right.

C: What is the most inspirational or powerful thing a coach has ever said to you in your college career?

RD: My freshmen year in college, my coach used to tell us all the time “don’t listen to the tone but listen to the words that are being said.” That along with “make the big time where you’re at right now.”

C: As you prepare for the 2017 Draft, what are your goals for your final year of college?

RD: My goals for my final year of college is to get my Bachelors Degree and make my mother proud and dominate in whatever I do. Even if I don’t make the play, I plan on winning every one on one battle and win the perimeter every chance I get. With hard work and persistence, God will make the rest happen for me.

Locker Room Update would like to thank Ruben Demosthene for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey as an NFL 2017 draft prospect.

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