LRU Spotlight: Interview with NFL Business Manager, DeGerrian Evans

DeGerrian Evans is a NFL Business Manager who helps scout and sign professional football players. I had the opportunity to sit down with DeGerrian of Exclusive Sports & Entertainment Management Group, during which time he shared with me his love and passion of being an NFL Business Manager. We have done many features with their clients; check out the perspective of an NFL Business Manager:

C: Can you describe your role as an NFL Business Manager at Exclusive Sports & Entertainment Management Group? What is the company’s professional mission?

DE: To ensure that every client gets the quality attention they deserve regardless of draft ranking.

C: How did you get your start working as an NFL Business Manager?

DE: About 3 years ago I met gentleman by the name of Mike Brand. We meet through client of his. I expressed interest working in the sports management world. Mike welcomed me with open arms and taught me everything I know, answered every question I had. Without Mike showing me the way I don’t know where ESEMG would be.

C: What do you enjoy most about being an Business Manager? How did you start your career as an NFL Business Manager?

DE: I enjoy the entire process, from scouting players, to of course signing the client is always fun. But help someone get a shot at their dream. It shouldn’t even be considered work at this point.

C: What separates your agency from the rest? What makes your agency stand out?

DE: I think what makes us so special is that we are small group so it gives guys they would often be just a number, they are a priority to us. What makes your agency stand out? We may be small but we have partnered with highly qualified NFL agents as well as great number of recognized brands to help build our clients brand off the field.

C: What have you done to help advance the careers of your clients on and off the field?

DE: I work tirelessly close with their agent making sure we find the right fit. The goal of course is to get every client on a 53 man roster but that doesn’t always happen. So we other options whether CFL or arena league. As far as off the field from the moment they declare we begin putting things in motion as far as looking for brands to pair them with and also appearances.

C: Are there any special qualities/traits you look for in a client?

DE: I look for high character guys, that’s going to put in the work on the field. Guys I prefer to work with are the later round guys to UDFA.

C: How will do you help prepare any given athlete for his professional draft?

DE: Monitor their training, give them target numbers to hit for proday. Make sure they are able to completely focus with little to no distraction. When draft day comes make sure they remain cool, I prefer for my guys to not watch the draft at all, just don’t tie up your phone. That day is stressful enough don’t add any more stress.

For prospective clients, you can reach DeGerrian by emailing him at You can also check out their facebook page here.

Follow them on Twitter: @exclusive_semg

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