LRU Spotlight: Sharvarus Coleman Offered by Two Arena League Teams

Locker Room Update interviewed former Briar Cliff cornerback Sharvarus Coleman last year following his senior season in 2016, and he talked about his career background in football and his goals for the future.

Now, that football future may be becoming a little bit clearer. Coleman has been in talks with representatives of several Arena League football teams, and he was recently offered by both the Georgia Firebirds and the Corpus Christi Rage.

When speaking on which team he might land on, he told me that several factors would play a role. Apart from financials, he said that he’s looking for a team that wants him to step in and take over off the bat.

Coleman transferred to taking online courses this past semester, which has allowed him to stay in school and maximize his season training in preparation for opportunities such as these. He told me he trains five days a week, Monday through Friday, and is focusing on pushing his speed as a boundary player.

With a big decision likely on the way — he’s targeting late January as a date for his signing announcement — Coleman is spending nearly all of his time getting ready for a season start-up time in March, just two short months away.

The last game he played was on December 17th, which was a semi-pro game at the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium. “I had a pretty good game and it was a pretty good experience too,” he said.”

“I also got invited to the All-American Bowl game at the Minnesota Vikings stadium,” he told me. It’s one of the bigger showcase games of each new year, and the invite certainly means that even a year removed from college football, he is still very much on the radar.

Stay tuned at Locker Room Update, where we’ll have a report following Coleman’s decision at the end of this month.

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