Versatile Defender, Jerimiah Spicer Draws NFL Interest

The zero-to-hero storyline doesn’t quite fit Jerimiah Spicer, but it’s the closest cliché that works. Coming from a background of little support and family tragedy, the young defensive star has relied on a don’t-tell-me-I-can’t attitude in his budding football career.

By itself, oftentimes diligence beats talent. Spicer has both.

Known for his hard work and harder hits, his reputation as a versatile player precedes him. His experience at almost every position in the front-seven makes him a valuable professional candidate – and with the NFL under way, several NFL teams have already shown significant interest.

Among other professional teams, the Chargers, Rams, Ravens, and Buccaneers have all been in contact with Spicer and agent Brian Brundage, who cites “tenacity” as one of Spicer’s greatest strengths. But the team that stands out the most to Brundage thus far has been the Minnesota Vikings.

Immediately, the small, yet dominating figure of Mike Zimmer comes to mind. Pair the no-nonsense head coach of the Vikings with the tenacious Jerimiah Spicer and it feels like a match made in football heaven.

Until that phone call arrives, he’s playing with the SoCal Coyotes, a team he was a star with several years ago. This season, he’s working with defensive coach Mark Ramer, who again pointed at Spicer’s versatility as his greatest strength. It’s been a popular narrative.

“He’s a kid I can count on to plug in in any place, and he’s good,” coach Ramer said. “First week I had him starting at outside backer, and last week because of the players that showed up, I needed a defensive end. And he slid right on in there and played stellar defense.

Moreso than his individual stats – which tend to pile up – Ramer explained that Spicer is just worried about the outcome of the game, that getting the win is all that matters.

“He’s an ultimate team player,” he finished.

For NFL teams on the lookout, Spicer wants to win. Based on his record, that’s something he’s pretty good at.

You can check out Spicer’s highlights here. You can also check his most recent video here on Youtube.

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